The need for call center assistance in healthcare gained prominence a few years ago when the overburdened healthcare employees found relief by outsourcing non-core tasks to a specialized healthcare call center. They got more time to pay attention to patient care and developing clinical services. The Healthcare industry is known for its standard of service offerings while meeting the changing regulations. It comprises everything, from customer service to healthcare billing. To gain a competitive edge over other business counterparts, a healthcare organization outsourced its service to a contact center.   

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the call center partner to match up to the expectations of patients as well as the hospital or healthcare office. A healthcare contact center can provide customized and cost-efficient solutions to create great brand value. They ensure patients come back when they need healthcare assistance by creating a lasting relationship with them. They ensure that the front and back-office operations of a hospital go seamlessly even without adequate in-house staff. In this blog, we will discuss how hiring a healthcare call center helps patients in numerous ways. 

Services offered by healthcare contact center for better patient care

  • Physician Referral Services

Patients often add to the volume of enquiry by seeking physicians’ references. By having physician referral as a separate service, a hospital can reduce the volume of enquiries to a great extent. A call center can provide patients with accurate information regarding the availability and choices of physicians.

  • Patient Information and Insurance Verification 

Patient information validation and insurance verification is a cumbersome task that requires dedicated resources. It is a non-core task that eats up a lot of internal resources and time. Healthcare call center providers can handle information and insurance verification service in a systematic manner.

  • Appointment Setting Support

Today, the reception desks of most of the hospitals have been shifted to remote because of the pandemic. But, handling the frontline operations remotely is not an easy task, especially if an organization hasn’t practiced it earlier. As a result, it can turn into complete chaos and miscommunication. By outsourcing appointment setting support to a healthcare call center, a hospital can help its patients get seamless appointment scheduling and rescheduling support. 

  • Post Care Patient Surveys

Today, providing a customer-centric business is the key to success. A healthcare organization can keep its patients satisfied and feel valued by conducting post-care patient surveys. It can be handled by a third-party service provider. Post-discharge surveys are a great way to collect feedback, engage them and stay on top of their mind.  

  • Answering services

Customer service outsourcing can be important for every business. To provide good customer service, you have to ensure that none of the calls or communication attempts goes unattended. A healthcare call center can provide multichannel, multilingual customer service. 

  • Patient onboarding support

Patient onboarding is the procedure of inviting new patients, providing them instruction regarding what process to follow in the hospital, and getting them registered into the hospital’s system. A hospital’s onboarding procedure gives the first impression of a healthcare facility and sets the mood for the patient's experience. 

These are some of the many ways in which a healthcare call center helps patients.