Headless eCommerce is changing the world of eCommerce. You can say that it has removed its head.

These days’ users are getting used to consuming content and are shopping through various touchpoints. The legacy eCommerce platforms are finding it difficult to meet the demands of the customer.

To meet the changing needs of the users headless eCommerce comes in. Headless eCommerce can enable dash buttons, smart voice assistants that will give consumers a better way to explore product descriptions, read reviews and make transactions.

eCommerce brands adapting the headless approach are reaping the rewards for example companies like Amazon has already moved to headless eCommerce. 

You can also make your brand a headless brand by contacting a Headless Commerce Development Company.

Since a headless eCommerce is an online eCommerce store with the intention to buy something from it. 

The eCommerce payment gateway is responsible for all the transactions processed on any eCommerce store.

The customer chooses the product from the store and moves towards the checkout for the payment transaction. For this, you need to choose a fast and secure payment gateway for your store.

Digital commerce payments are online payments that give customers real-time authorization for digital commerce transactions. They provide payment processing with payment security and fraud detection.

While choosing the payment gateway for your store you must prefer the ones that the people have trust in and also are familiar with.

For example, PayPal is the most trusted payment gateway worldwide.

In this blog, I will list the top 5 payment gateways curated by our team based on users' experience, for your headless eCommerce stores.

1. PayPal Payment Gateway

PayPal is a global payment gateway and is available in 200+ countries across the world. It also has a wallet feature and is used by over 173 million customers globally.

Using PayPal as a payment gateway you can even take international payments. Once you integrate PayPal into your eCommerce store, you can take payments in more than 100 currencies.

PayPal supports fund withdrawal facility in your bank accounts in 57 currencies.
2. Razorpay

Razorpay is the payments solution in India that allows businesses to accept payments through its product suite.

It provides you access to all the payment modes including credit and debit cards. 

It supports major eCommerce CMS Systems including the Headless eCommerce solution.

While choosing Razorpay as your business payment gateway you must go through its service charges and transactional fees.

3. Cashfree

Cashfree is a very popular payment gateway that provides the widest range of payment options.

It supports debit and credit card payments with 75+ Net banking options, also some of the popular mobile wallets like Airtel wallet, Freecharge, and many more.

The best part of using Cashfree is that it has built ready-to-use eCommerce payment plugins for most platforms like Headless eCommerce, Shopify, etc.

4. PayU Payment Gateway

PayU is formerly known as PayU Money is one of the payment gateways used for online transactions. It has a quick onboarding process with easy sign-up.

It supports multi-Currency payments that enable you to accept international payments. It also has a mobile App integration for Android and iOS.

5. CCAvenue

CCAvenue is one of the largest payment solutions, which offers a wide range of payment options. It offers 200+ options and supports 6 credit cards for online payments.

It also offers payments in major global markets by supporting 27 major currencies.

They claim to have 24x7x365 days of customer support over voice, chat, and email. However, the IVR system display that they are closed on weekends.


These were the multiple types of payment gateways. Payment gateways are responsible to initiate payments when the merchant requests.

Brands often use multiple payment gateways for their business on their user preferences and ease of integration.

You can choose a payment gateway relevant to your business needs and customer needs.