For this reason, players have discovered that if you go to the test there are times when it allows users to 2K22 MT try the Curry Slide. To determine if it's possible to perform the Curry Slide in the build tester, or perform the movement in general use on the RT or R2 button on your controller and flick across the diagonal of your left hand away from your ball hand.

If you have The Curry Slide Animation from the initial test, you must exit out of the tester and get started on your MyCareer. It will stay on your player so long as you don't alter or alter the "Normal" size-up Escape Package that's installed in your MyPlayer's playmaking animations slot. If you don't see the Curry Slide Animation option in your build tester, you can simply quit and out and try again.

It isn't clear if any version is able to support the feature and if 2K will patch the method and allow you to try it if desire. Players on the next generation console can unlock the penthouse of NBA 2K22 by getting MVP points. The game offers a variety of opportunities to collect these points.

NBA 2K22 is the latest installment in the NBA 2K series, and it has new features and a few gameplay changes which make it stand out from the previous installments. There are also certain features and game mechanics that only work on next-gen consoles. Therefore, they have 2 versions. One of the main differences in these versions is the addition of the City on consoles that are more recent, and everything that comes with the new playable zone.

The next-gen console NBA 2K22 has new quests as well as Cheap NBA 2K22 MT activities and an increased number of non-playable characters. The game also has the WNBA which isn't included in the previous version. The primary area of this version is called the City.