The week-long Elder Scrolls Online Undaunted Event rewards players who venture into their dungeons. Defeating bosses is the key to new loot and equipment, whether it's acting alone or joining a party. The event revolved around a group of adventurers who dived into Nirn's deepest and darkest dungeon, seeking ESO Gold and glory.

Players can start the Undaunted Event in two ways. Once they have completed the Glory of the Undaunted quest, they need to go to Elden Root. Teleport to Elden Root Wayshrine and go to the mission marker on the map. It will take the player to a tent, and then the player needs to talk to Serileth there. Strangely, the mission will not be updated to show where he can be found, so please go to the blue daily mission marker inside the tent.

For some novice players, the next task may be more difficult. Players can collect some ESO Gold in advance and find a Wayshrine in Greenshade to speed up the process. This task requires players to collect 10 Heritance Bounty and find the liver of Archamage Camaano. Go to Naril Nagaia Delve in Greenshade to find everything they need.

Completing the Bolgrul mission will reward the player with an Undaunted Merit and Undaunted Rewards Box and Unaduanted Companion Skill. Players can complete a mission from Bolgrul once a day until the end of the event on November 30th. Players who want to Buy ESO Gold can consider IGGM, which now has discounts.