There exist three variants of the IELTS test - Academic, General Training, and Life Skills. The primary two tests, Academic and General Training are classified into four divisions: Hearing, Conversing, Learning, and Writing. All applicants are expected to take the corresponding Listening and Speaking tests, but there are various elements for the Reading and Writing regions. If you are willing to do the IELTS course in Chennai you can join IELTS Coaching in Chennai at FITA Academy.


Hearing Section

  • Hear a communication among two characters set in usual cultural circumstances. The conversation is simple to follow and you just need to assume the preachers’ main concepts, character, and purposes.
  • The secondary region includes hearing to a discourse set in a usual civil connection. You must give consideration to every part and you may also be expected to understand a person’s beliefs and sentiments from the pitch of his or her speech.
  • In the third section, there is communication among up to four characters placed in informative or coaching circumstances. This may involve a society of followers presenting a design, or designing their profession with a lecturer or instructor.
  • Finally, you will hear a speech on an educational theme. You should require to listen to more technoscientific phrases particular to learning conditions. If you want to develop your career towards IELTS you can choose IELTS Online Classes.


Speaking Section

  • The presentation and meeting last about 4-5 minutes, when the teacher presents himself/herself and questions you to present yourself. He or she will examine you common topics on intimate questions such as your residence, family, profession, education, and private industries.
  • The second section remains no deep than 3-4 minutes. You will obtain a task tag and the inspector will ask you to speak about a selected subject. You will have suggested key features that you can incorporate in your consultation.
  • The last section of the Speaking part is a 4-5 minute conversation. The inspector will ask you more features about the question from section 2. You will explain more conceptual points and opinions.

Learning Section

  • Every three sections of the Academic Reading includes one hard subject. The passages are selected from magazines, reviews, publications, and records.
  • They have meant recorded for non-specialist viewers and are on educational subjects of common concern, available to applicants starting undergraduate rather than postgraduate studies or trying expert certification.
  • Texts rank from a representative and accurate technique to major digressive and scientific content. They may involve elements such as pictures, designs, or models. A simple dictionary may be given for any professional course.

Writing Section

  • There remain two assignments in the Writing part. Whether you prefer the Educational Writing or the General Training Writing Test, the whole time allowed for both assignments is 60 minutes.
  •  Part 1 expects you to record at least 150 statements and section 2 at least 250 statements. Your solutions should not involve separate steps or bullet points, as this will reduce your overall score.
  • You may have to solve any data, as well as the steps of a given method. In some states, you may also address how something operates, about the properties of an article or, how a particular situation takes position. Are you interested in learning IELTS? You can prefer IELTS Coaching In Bangalore at FITA Academy.