With each expansion of Elder Scrolls Online, it will bring players a variety of new collectibles. Deadlands DLC is no exception, it offers a variety of new antiquities, ESO Gold, cosmetics and other things for players to track as they travel through the realm of Mehrunes Dagon and other places.

Among these new additions, there are six new games for players to use in Elder Scrolls Online. This article mainly introduces three. Each title is associated with an achievement that the player must complete to use. Some are related to the main mission and are easy to unlock through normal progress, but some require a little patience and will be found off the beaten track, even costing some ESO Gold.

The Hero of Fargrave title is closely related to its achievements. This achievement requires players to complete four other achievements related to bosses, mission lines, drilling, etc. throughout Deadlands. Players need to complete most of the DLC content to get this title.

The title of Catalyst Breaker is related to the Hopeful Rescuer achievement. This is the last mission in the Deadlands mission chain, which is also a prerequisite for the Hero of Fargrave title. It should be reminded that some tasks need to consume ESO Gold, so it is best for players to accumulate in the game in advance or Buy ESO Gold online.

The Wretched title is tied to the Spire Detective achievement, which is obtained by completing the side quest line in Deadlands. This quest can be picked up from Wretched Spire and completed relatively quickly, making it one of two easy-to-obtain titles in the Deadlands DLC.