If the player is NBA 2K22 MT a long-term fan then of course, manufacturers are allowed to make adjustments and changes. Although there are always many problems in the early game introduction of each episode 2K Sports will also pay close attention to the reactions of the marketplace and offer improvements.

For instance In "NBA 2K19" since the three-point shot can be very easy to score, the game has become an "three-point shooting game." It's simpler, and the unique "touch the slam-dunk" of the next-generation console can also increase the power that close gamers have, which allows players of all types to play in full-time play.

Furthermore the defensive skills of the players in the present episode have also been improved. Blocking is now much easier. I have forgotten how many times a tall man who was chased from behind during a layup dribble shot in the back. If we consider the overall balance of the five-on-5 game, there's a lot of room for improvement compared to the previous series of works.

The main issue could be that it is too "professional" and complex. It takes a lot of time for new players to get used to. With so many games coming out each month, new players may not have the patience to dedicate time to studying. system.

Although the game offers an attractive "Basketball City" on the next generation console, and even adds some new games like adventure or RPG games to it, it's also comparable to Michael Jordan's "Career Challenge Mode" in "NBA 2K11" "Or "NBA 2K19"'s crazy 3 point shooting. This game does not have a certain appeal for novices or has no addiction system that allows novices to advance to the level of veterans.

For the efforts of 2K Sports to give more colour to this game, I really have to give a "like". The gameplay of "Basketball City" is not perfect. It is even said to be a little too large and empty. The place of NPCs, NPCs, and routes for missions are clearly designed for players to explore the city in order to add life and energy to their city.

But, it's a waste of Buy MT 2K22 time and feeling bored to explore the game, makes players choose to give up. But, the direction of production and the concept merit appreciation, and it's hope that future works will be improved in this regard and add a fresh appeal to it "sports game" sector.