Animal Crossing: New Horizons currently has 36 unique hairstyles. Initially, there was no diversity in hairstyles, most of them were straight hairstyles, and curly and diverse hair types were omitted. Although improved methods have been adopted for this phenomenon, there is still a lack of more inclusive hairstyles. Adding more hairstyles will bring a better gaming experience.

The first extra hairstyle pack was added in the Animal Crossing Winter Update in November of 2020. Many players Buy Animal Crossing Bells to get it. The pack included short loc styles, an afro, along with a smooth, shaved option, a few. However, the 6 new styles didn't address lacking curly hair options or long diverse styles. These hairstyles also cannot be accessed until players are in place in their game.

The deficiency of representation in Animal Crossing has become discussed by fans on Reddit, who may have gone in terms of building their very own hairstyle options to mod to their games. Players like Mimilegend discuss deficiency of interest, Animal Crossing has demonstrated other hair types prior to a Winter Update. While Animal Crossing has brought a step in the right direction with recent updates, there are several more styles that could help bridge the holes still present in the action's selection.

Currently, there are numerous different hairstyles Animal Crossing should incorporate future updates. Long locks and braids hand New Horizons players more long-hair options to decide upon. Curly hairstyles will also be lacking, and also a set of styles emphasizing ringlets, thick curls, and tight curls in varying lengths would complete the missing types. Animal Crossing would also make use of adding other wavy styles, or longer braids, to interrupt the many ponytail options currently included in the experience's style packs.

While it is not clear when there may be another style pack in upcoming updates, or if it can be something developers have within the works, hopefully, more info will be available soon. With Animal Crossing's 1st anniversary just about to happen, and summer and spring events approaching on Animal Crossing's calendar, there is going to be plenty of opportunities for much more content to get added to what's already available in the sport.