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Corona shadow over Leipzig: Help Silva in Berlin?

Above the Friday game hung in advance of the Corona shadow, the RB Leipzig, among other things, restricted in his training opportunities. Away, the Saxons in the league have such their problems (0/3/3, 3: 7 goals), the last meeting in the capital gained Union 2: 1. For this, the Ironies in four of the recent five home games remained without goal. Maybe Silva helps? Against Union otherwise only Lewandowski met as often as Leipzig attackers (five times each).

FORMER CAUTION for early starters

On the Saturday afternoon it comes to the third Bundesliga duel between Leverkusen and Fürth, with the shamrock on the first gate against the Herself hopes (0: 0 and 0: 2). In addition to the up-to-date away balance sheet (0/0/7, 5:24 goals), the medium francs just crack negative record after negative record. Special caution is offered for the guests in the first 25 minutes: Leverkusen already scored 14 hits in this period — three more than Fürth throughout the season.

The search for the Konstanz: Stop Cofferdam the SGE series?

A big problem with the TSG Cofferdam remains the constancy in the services, which leaders Dramatic recently caused an urgent appeal. The Purpose 6: 3 in Fürth should follow against Frankfurt the fifth home win. But the Contract represents the Fourth Best Away Team of the League — and won the last three Bundesliga guest matches in Sondheim all.

In the footsteps of De Basis and Mall: Knack Mainz again Wolfsburg?

Proof of the good work in Mainz is that the PSV can overtake the glossy VFL Wolfsburg (four victories from four games, 6: 1 goals) with a home win. The Chanhassen has been unbeaten since six compulsory matches, but last 2015 won a Bundesliga home game against the wolves. The scorer shook then De Basis and Mall.

Bundesliga premiere in Augsburg

The opponent in the table outstrip can also be FC Augsburg, which wants to take the tailwind from the success of Bavaria and Berlin. The home game against Bochum represents a premiere there, because never met these two teams in the Bundesliga. The signs are clear: While the FCA from the recent four home games took ten points, only Fürth is still away weaker than the VFL (1/0/6, 3:16 gates).

BEST GOALS between Dortmund & Bayern

Draw Impossible — Cologne's lousy balance on the ALM

When Older guest game in Bielefeld to tap on a draw, almost prohibits itself — each of the 13 Bundesliga duels on the ALM found a winner at the end. For the last Cologne away win, it takes a look at October 1996, at 4: 1 Toni upholstery at that time. In addition, the Effie in the league is still waiting for the first threesome in the foreign (0/3/3, 5:13 goals).

Perfect series at the game: Who wins the top game?

On the 14th match day all eyes are focused on the Saturday night when in Dortmund the top game rises. The BVB, where Haaland could stand back in the starting eleven, lost its home matches against the Bavaria last only. On the other hand, the Westphalia came regularly under the wheels (0: 4, 0: 5, 0: 6, 1: 4). For the first pursuer of Bayern, next to the spreadsheet is also the perfect home series at the game, all seven Bundesliga games in the signal idea park this season was won (21: 9 goals).

Corpus Premiere against Bertha's favorite opponent

A coach debut is available on early Sunday afternoon if Taken Workout will stand for the first time as Bertha coach on the sideline. And with Stuttgart Waits something like a favorite opponent: 26 victories celebrated the old lady so far against the CFB, more only against Frankfurt and Hamburg (30). The Swabia want to start a series after 2: 1 against Mainz but have been able to start a series — and have been unbeaten for five goals against Bertha (3/2/0).

Heavy Freiburg backpack — and little hope through the numbers

With the heavy backpack of three defeats in a row, the SC Freiburg at late Sunday afternoon at Russia Park. These have the Gladbacher in this season firmly under control, there are still unbeaten (4/2/0, 12: 4 goals). Little hope also fags these remarkable statistics: in 38 direct meetings of these two teams only won the away team twice.

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