Python is a high-level, interpreted, interactive, and object-oriented programming language. It allows doing many things, maybe small or big. Python allows writing basic programs and scripts and also can design complex and large-scale enterprise solutions.

Performance of Pythons

1.Helps in building desktop applications, including GUI applications, CLI tools, and games, etc.

2.Performs mathematical and scientific analysis of data.

3.Helps in building web and Internet applications

4.Performs systems administration and automating tasks and DevOps tasks

Python is the base of some of the world’s most popular websites, like Reddit YouTube, etc. The Python framework Django powers both Instagram and Pinterest. Learn Python Online Course to know more about it in detail.

Features of Python


It is free of charge even for commercial purposes.


It can be contributed to any development of Python


Everyone can learn it easily, all age groups can understand the program and can run the program on it.


It helps in solving many problems like data science, web development, GUI development, etc.


It is very robust, can code small scripts to automate repetitive tasks, and can also create complex solutions with Python.

Python Syntax

The Python syntax is obvious and focused on readability. Readability is arguably one of the most attractive features of the language. It makes Python ideal for all who are learning to program. Let's see some of the syntaxes. Skillsion provides the  Best Online Python Course to all the students and professionals. Join here and enhance your skills in python by executing the program on your own.


It is a kind of code that will be written before the sentences and while executing the program it will be ignored by the python integrator. Using an # symbol is a syntax of it.


 Variables are attached to a particular object. They hold a reference, or pointer, to the memory address at which an object is stored. Once a variable is specified as an object, can access the object using the variable name.


It is a kind of special word that is called a keyword. Some of the keywords are class, del, def, False, True, and, as, etc. These are reserved words that have specific meanings and ideas in Python.

Built-in data types

Python has some built-in data types, such as integers, floats, Booleans, dictionaries, and sets. It can manipulate with several tools like operators, built-in functions, etc.


These statements control the performance of a group of statements based on the truth value of an expression. "if" is the keyword used in a conditional statement.


The Loop is used to repeat the code again and again. It has two loops they are for loops and while loops


It performs actions in a program. Executes the output while returning to the calling code. 

As they have excellent features python can be used anywhere in the digital world. Learn Python Online and developing your programming skills to the next level is a good effort. Python is a powerful high-level programming language that is in high demand. 


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