There are so many issues when it comes to writing. Like so many.

You can always find students complaining about one issue or the other which is probably why they hate writing essays.

No, seriously. HATE. They would rather use an essay writing service than sit down and write an essay. Which is pretty bad. I mean not that you shouldn’t use these services.

No. These services exist to help students out so they must be used.

But you can’t just present their essays as your own. That’s illegal, bro. But, I get it sometimes.

Students only do this because they have so many issues with writing and no one to turn to.

So, this is exactly why I am here to discuss the issues that plague students the most.

Here they are. 

Issue #1: Confidence

Or lack thereof. See, the issue here is that most students believe one thing: that they can never be a good essay writer. When you believe that you are not competent then that’s exactly what you become.

This is exactly what happens with students who think that writing is too hard and oh I can’t do this.

Well, you can. All you need is to learn a few basic skills and you will be all set.

Issue #2: No Skills

That is a serious problem.

Most students actually do not have the skills to write a proper essay. When they think about writing, they say something along the lines of “Oh, I can’t Write my essay!”. This can happen for a lot of reasons. 

They either never paid attention in class or they have terrible teachers.

Either way, they lack skills. So, they need to be taught skills. They need to learn the basics.

Issue #3: No Knowledge 

You can only get the skills when you actually have the knowledge of how to write an essay. But students don’t have that.

They are never told the do’s and don’t.

They are not familiarized with citations and how to use quotes and how to make a thesis. They are just given an essay and told to WRITE IT.

So, naturally, they come up with terrible essays.

Issue #4: Writer’s Block

This is a real danger.

Even the most talented of writers get writer’s block. And there is nothing they can do about it. They just have to sit and wait for the ideas to come to them.

If this can happen to the best of writers then we can only imagine what students go through.

So, my advice to all students is to do as much research as possible whenever they face a block.

Issue #5: Plagiarism

Ah! How to avoid plagiarism. A question that PLAGUES students.

The thing is that plagiarism is very easy to avoid. Students just don’t know-how.

For example, do you like something someone else has written? You wanna copy it? Ok. Just do it. Copy it. BUT… but always cite it. Give reference. Never try to pass on someone else’s words as your own. 

Paraphrase what others have said. Put an in-text citation and VOILA!

Problem solved.

Issue #6: Forming a Thesis

Surprising, right? If you are a writer then you are probably wondering HOW can a student write an essay without a thesis?

Well, they can. And they do. Like all the time.

This is because they don’t realize the importance of a thesis and they don’t know what a thesis is.

Most students will take a fact, put it at the end of the first para and call it a thesis. 

Issue #7: Insufficient Evidence

So, if a student can’t find enough evidence on a topic. Then what? Then what happens is that they do not have enough evidence to prove their points.

When this happens, most students make arguments that they can’t prove. The result? Chaos. Which is a pit, not a ladder.

Most students fall into this pit and there is no coming back. So, the best solution is to teach students about finding credible sources.

Issue #8: Structuring 

Students have no idea how to structure an essay. Period. When I write my paper, I ensure that it is well organized. That is because it doesn’t matter how good my topic is or how brilliant my arguments are unless an essay is structured well.

If it's not then the reader won't be able to understand what I have written. So, best organize your essay properly.

Issue #9: Irrelevant Details

When a student is confused, or when they don’t know how to organize their essay, they simply add whatever details they can find about a topic and put it in the essay.

But the thing is… not every detail NEEDS to be in the essay. So, we get irrelevant details.

When the students realize these details aren’t needed, they become frustrated as they have no idea what else to put on the paper. 

Result? Low grade.

Well, now you know.

Now you know the problems that tend to haunt students.

If you are a student then I have offered up some solutions for you. If you are a teacher then know that YOU need to work with your students to resolve these matters.

The best way to do this is to make sure that the students get in touch with a writing company. So that they can get model papers that can teach them the dos and don'ts of writing.

So, why not search for a paper writing company or seek a paper writing service

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