When you decide to build a new website. You go to the Internet and you find Website Designer and Web Developer being employed, is there any difference between the two roles or is it one in the same thing Cvv.me.

Let's go deeper on the two roles and determine the method of the building of websites Process they follow.

A Website Designers Approach
A Website Designer communicates the visual element of what might be requested by a customer in a visually appealing way by using his imagination and abilities. Simple to put it in terms of, he's able to turn words into visual models by using his imagination in a creative and skilled manner.

To assist him in this, he will make use of certain software s and tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. However he does not do this in a random and haphazard way, he follows a set of Design Principles so to get the most effective results.

Every website's design always has a headerand a body, and an end. This is the basic structure of every website. The Web Designer will design images (or obtain them) as well as text, and arrange them in a way that is creative, always keeping in mind the goal stated.

He will skilfully select the best option for him:


  • First, he must Know The Goal

    This can be done by asking questions such as: Who is the website representing, and who is the target market? What can be expected of the targeted audience in relation to engagement in relation to this Website? What is the primary purpose of the website? This point is extremely important as it sets the foundation of the rest that follows.
  • Translate into a Graphical User

    Images can be worth 1000 words, but those 1000 words are gibberish if they were not organized properly. The words spoken by the visual element have to be spoken in a fluent manner.
    • Colours: Colours are able to trigger emotions and affect the way people behave towards more something. The designer of the website carefully selects the set of colours (5 at most) that will achieve the intended purpose and compliment the design. Most of the time, these colors are selected by the client. The colors will be a the theme of the website. The choice of colours can impact the perception of the overall design. The Frontrow Design Studios Online Website uses a combination of 4 colours.
    • Images: Graphics add visual appeal to the appearance and feel. Therefore, the Website Designer takes great care when selecting and placing images across the Website Design. These images can be purchased from the client using stock images or custom-designed. It's not just a matter of adding to the site with a whole lot of pictures - it's about its capabilities and the purpose
    • Typefaces: They are fonts that have the same appearance to the designs that the website employs. The typical font size is 3). Their purpose is to communicate the message of the words in a subtle manner. Also, they simply embellish the text, without being a part of the celebration. So in his selection of fonts the website designer does not want to take focus from the text however he prefers to present the text in a manner that conveys the message. Once again the choice of typefaces is dependent on the purpose of the website.
    • Placement: This is the principle that governs all the ones discussed above. The Website Designer skillfully arranges and arranges images and text onto the Website Design layout Be aware that spacing is crucial to ensure that the layout isn't too crowded and uncomfortable for the user.

In the end, the Website Designer always keeps the idea in his mind that it'sn't only about attractive web design, but it's also about the functionality of the site beyond its design. Therefore, right from the beginning when designing the website, he should optimize the layout of the website by scaling the images to the right size. This will reduce the time it takes to load once the website is created and is live


The output of the efforts of a web designer is a visual interface of the website.

A Website Developers Approach
A web developer however, is able to approach building websites from a different angle. He approaches it from an engineering perspective and will think of "How the website will work". He takes over from where the Website Designer ends. As a Website Designer Web Developers need to remain focused on the initial purpose. This will help him make use of the most suitable technologies to achieve the best outcomes. Once he's received the visual interface for the site the developer uses programming languages such as PHP, java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and C# to code functionality into the website and create an interactive experience. This way, when you click the contact button of the website it will respond by taking you into the "contact" page.

There are 3 aspects of the development of websites that a web developer is able to handle.

Client-side: The web developer creates scripts with code that allow the website to run and function in web browsers that are part of the web server. Take a look at the moving slide on the Frontrow Design Studios Online Website to see how it can slide across the images and fade when they do, the website had be developed using client-side scripting. Similarly, if scrolling down observe how the Frontrow Design Studios Online Logo changes. The experience you have when you browse the website is a result of the web developers coding. In essence , the code is run following the loading of the website on your device. E.g. HTML, JavaScript and jQuery

Server side: The web developer writes scripts that make the site functional behind the scenes. This coded script runs on the server hosting the site, is not running on your personal computer thus the name Server side. Imagine a website that requires you to sign in. The coding is located on a server. It is based on the requests, e.g. pressing "logon" it runs the script in response to your request. However, it runs the script in the back-end.

In the end, what do we have gathered?

A Website Designer meets a client's requirements by designing the interface for users to use on the website. The focus is on the design as well as the feel site.

A Website Developer can add functionality to the website by through the use of code languages. He focuses upon the technical aspect of the site and makes sure it will be pleasant to navigate through and performs in the way it should.