Elder Scrolls Online continues to launch its Elsweyr DLC content, adding a lot of ESO Gold to the game, including Dragonbone Style. The DLC includes new character options, the addition of dragons, and the North Elsweyr area for players to explore.

The game is continuing to expand, and it seems to continue for some time, although not every aspect of DLC is worth exploring, dragonbone armor is one of them. The Dragonbone Style of weapons and armor can only be accessed in Elder Scrolls Online by purchasing the Collector's Edition of Elsweyr DLC. It may have the opportunity to explore the mysterious Elsweyr settings, but players may need to spend a lot of ESO Gold to get Dragonbone Style.

Compared with other options in the game, Dragonbone Style does not bring much benefit. It is not a new class of collectible weapons, but essentially can be applied to the skins of existing weapons and armors to make them look like they are made of bones. In terms of gameplay, it has no practical benefits. Dragonbone Style weapons and armors have no attribute bonuses and status effects. The only upside they have is for someone who wants a specific build for their Elder Scrolls Online character that an arsenal made of bones would fit, such as barbarian or dark warrior. For anyone else, the value is minimal.

The Dragonbone Style equipment in Elder Scrolls Online is not worth buying by players. Unless any other content involved is particularly attractive, then players may be worth buying, including settings and new character options. In addition, players who want to Buy ESO Gold can choose IGGM.