Selenium is an open-source test automation tool. It can be used for automating web applications such as Firefox and Chrome, testing software in general, or running tests on mobile apps. Selenium provides a wide range of capabilities for automation testing, allowing testers to record and playback user interactions with the application under test using either JavaScript or Java code. Join Selenium Online Training to learn how does selenium work.

Selenium can be used to test web applications as well as desktop software. Selenium does not have a built-in GUI that provides a graphical user interface to test applications instead it relies on the ability of browsers to provide this functionality using JavaScript and several web technologies like HTML5 and WebSockets. This is known as driving a browser from the command line.

What are the Components of the selenium platform?

The core of the Selenium project is a set of major components that work together to allow testing automation. These are:

Selenium 2 is part of the W3C WebDriver specification and includes several other additional APIs for integrating with other testing frameworks, automating mobile browsers, and integrating with continuous integration systems like Bamboo and Jenkins. All these APIs are available in various languages (Java, Python, Ruby, Perl).

TestNG is a free Java Software Development Kit (SDK) which allows programmers to easily write automated tests for their Java code. Learn Selenium Online from SkillsIon to know the basic concepts. TestNG provides powerful support for Test Driven Development (TDD) and integrates with JUnit.

Is Selenium Testing is good for the industry?

Testing is a mover and shaker in the IT industry. It holds a huge potential for growth. With the increased adoption of agile development methodologies, the rise of automation testing has given a major boost to the job market. There are various certification courses available that help in making your resume stand out, one such course would be Selenium.

What are Selenium test reports?

Selenium reports are basically XML files that contain information about two parts first is execution logic and the second is report result. Get into Selenium Online Courses to enhance your skill. Various tools like chalice are available which can parse these reports and present your findings in an easy-to-read format.