If you were in the cc last night, you might have heard that I've decided to RuneScape Gold do woodcutting as my debut 99. I wanted a job that couldn't be "bought," per se. I'll likely use one of these (fletching and cooking) to trim my woodcutting cape.

There's a problem: I'm not sure how to reach there. It's obvious that I'll need to make this happen quickly before I go insane. Therefore, I'm asking, what is the fastest method to make decent profit between 71 and 99? 

If there's an approach that involves changing tree types or using a different strategy that you can explain, please do so. Also, if you propose the saw mill, can you describe the way it operates? I've been told it's excellent xp, but I'm not really sure how to do this or if it's costing money.

Well , I used to be a huge fan of cutting wood, so i know tiny bit about it. Ivy 68-99 is the most efficient however you only get birds nests from it, should I be you, i'd use 71-85, yews 85-99 for $ . However, if don't want to spend a lot of money , you can go all the way.

You could also do maples, however they're not worth much. Maples are 100xp for each log and quite fast, almost similar to maples. Summary: If you're looking for cash 71-85, yews 85-99. If you're looking for OSRS Items nothing at all , then 71-99 Ivy. If you're just looking for barely anything Maples or Willows They are both worth more however willows can be more fast. It's all based on the kind of thing you are looking for.