Have you ever read a published research paper? How do they begin? You would have noticed that all good research papers have an abstract. An abstract is the most significant part of a research paper. You will find a well-written abstract at the start of a paper written by any essay writing service

If you also want to write a good research paper, you need to understand the significance and structure of an abstract. Read ahead to know more. 


What is an Abstract?

An essay abstract is a paragraph of about 5-7 sentences that summarizes your whole paper. It is usually placed at the start of the paper so that the reader can have a quick overview of what the paper is about. Thus, it is very important to write a good essay abstract to create a good first impression. 


Purpose of an Abstract

An essay abstract serves the following purposes:


  • The abstract prepares the reader for what they are going to read further in the paper.
  • The abstract gives a general idea of the paper to the reader. By reading the abstract, the reader will get to know if they will be finding their relevant information in the paper or not. 
  • The abstract helps ther reader to comprehend the paper. In addition, it will provide the main points of the paper to the reader.


So, if you are writing an abstract yourself or getting it done by essay writer, read it to ensure that they fulfill the purposes mentioned above. Below is a structure that will help you evaluate a good abstract. 


Structure of an Abstract


Various journals usually specify the abstract structure according to their set criteria. However, to justify the basic aim of the abstract, certain details from the paper are always included the abstract. So, the generally used structure of an abstract is as follows:

  • Background Information: Through the first one or two sentences of the abstract, you will develop the context of the paper. You can do this by explaining the topic or its background information. 
  • Thesis Statement: Before you start writing a paper, you develop a thesis statement. The thesis statement serves as the anchor of your research and paper. So, it has to be mentioned in the abstract also. 
  • Current Progress: Some writers also mention the previously done work in the abstract briefly. This is mostly done if their research is in the continuation of a previous one or related to a current issue being discussed widely. 
  • Aims and Objectives: Every research is conducted with an aim. The researcher wants to invent, discover, or add on to something. Thus, the major aim or objective that the researcher is trying to achieve through the paper is also mentioned in the abstract. 
  • Methodology: You will not explain the whole process of your research here. You only need to mention the major technique or the method you used to conduct the research. 
  • Results: The results of your research are also mentioned in the abstract. This is to tell the reader what was achieved through the research and whether you were able to fulfill your aims and objectives or not. 
  • Significance: The ending line of the abstract should be the significance of your findings. You need to write in a single line how your research paper can benefit your targeted audience. 

The abstract is the first thing that people read when they are evaluating your research study. So make sure you do a great job summarizing what your paper will explore and why it's important to investigate this topic. 


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