There are no special methods OSRS gold to attain the highest levels of Fishing quickly, however, as an Ironman Your limitations will not keep you from progressing as fast just like other talents. Start by completing an adventure called the Sea Slug quest, which will lead you to level 24.

You'll need to gather fish to cook and also for eating Make sure to keep them in the bank. When you reach level 48 of Fishing, you can learn the Barbarian Fishing method that lets you catch Leaping Trout in Shilo Village and put it into an area bank. After this, you should use Barbarian Fishing until you reach the end to the end of your game.

At the beginning of your Fletching lessons at the beginning, you'll need to gather some feathers which will be necessary to make heads-free Arrows. Keep using this method until you reach level 22. At this point, you will unlock the ability to create Iron Darts.

They are able to be put together in the Blast Furnace. But, you'll be required to finish The Tourist Trap quest beforehand. NPC Ordan will be there to sell the Iron Ore so you won't have to fret about mining it on your own. The said Ore must be melted in the Furnace and then turned it into the metal bars that are used to create Iron Darts at the Anvil. While it may seem like an excellent idea to make bows, you must switch into the bow making process later for a higher experience ratio.

Management Miscellania minigame is the primary source of wood income. You will get large amounts of the Maple Logs. These can be converted to Unstrung Maple Longbows and later after being destroyed using High Alchemy. The process will not cause any loss, but in exchange you'll receive huge amounts of Fletching experience and a decent one in Magic as well.

If you're able to purchase OSRS Membership For Sale the Broader Fletching perk available from Slayer Master, you can use it to make Broad Arrows. They are also made from wood, specifically Maple Logs, so if you've mastered the art of utilize Managing Miscellania to your advantage You should not have a issue acquiring enough wood to use this kind of process.