In our society, we have had very sudden changes, which is no secret to anyone. We live in a new era, in the digital and technological age, where efforts are drastically minimized.


Despite all this, we see the radical and absolute persistence as a fundamental pillar of something we all know, like the book, ancient, indeed. 


However, with time, it continues to consolidate. Even those affirm that it will never disappear; its strength makes it imprescriptible, and in future times with new access to information, it will not disappear.


Although it may seem unusual, despite all the changes that have come with time, some people still care about knowledge, especially and especially about reading books. 


With all the chores of everyday life nowadays, reading a book seems like a chore, especially with the haste in which many people walk. Nevertheless, there is always a space in our time to read a good book, and if not, it is good to make room for it, since reading nourishes us, both emotionally and intellectually. 


Sometimes we lose the thread, or we do not have enough concentration to read, and we end up quitting? Yes, I think it has happened to all of us. However, all those misnamed adversities or setbacks that prevent us from giving ourselves full time to read a book can be put aside.


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Read a book a day: How to achieve it?


Reading a book a day is the dream of many, especially for those who love reading. But the truth is that not everyone can achieve that. If you want to know some techniques to complete a book a day, you should consider here are some tips. 


The first thing you should do is choose the books, mainly the ones you will read each week. You must select them before the week begins so that you do not waste time on them. You should choose more than seven books for the week to have a margin.


In general, your books should be no more than 200 pages in length. And as the concept of reading indicates, "to pass the sight through a written text," read everything, especially easy to read works; a category that will facilitate your task will be plays, poetry, concise books.


Remember that a book is a set of sheets of paper. Without determining the number of pages, the goal is to read as many books as possible. If you want to read along with text or if you have already started it and it seems that you will not finish it, you will be able to finish it with this bit of tip. 


So, read along with the book and if you haven't finished it by the end of the day turn to a short book, this way you will manage to read a book a day and, the next day, continue reading the unfinished book; this way you will manage to finish another book a day.


If you have reached this point of interest, see that you want to read a book a day, so if you have to stay up late to read a book, do it and get it; of course, plenty of light so as not to disturb or strain your vision. 


Once you have this in mind and are ready to achieve your goal, you should opt for advanced physical and mental behavior. Maybe you are wondering how to do that, do not worry because we will show you here. 


First of all this information, for you, who like to read and have in mind to have as a goal to read a book a day or in some cases the most significant number you can per day, rest assured that with this series of tips you are going to achieve it. 


We have compiled as much information as possible for you in a clear, precise, and concise way, vital info for personal growth and development, primarily intellectual, considering all the essential aspects of reading and what it gives to the human being. 


So without further ado, here are some techniques that you can implement, which will help you read several books and achieve your goal of reading a book a day. 


Learn to read quickly


It is one of the most accessible options for your reach and access. You can attend a speed reading course in any modality. For example, you can find many practical and accessible options on YouTube.


Another good option is that you can buy a book on how to read quickly to orient yourself on all the methods that exist and try the one you like the most.


One of the most effective methods may be to guide yourself with your finger on the pages. This method will help you reduce subvocalization (reading aloud in your mind). You could call this method visual scanning, where instead of reading 200 words per minute, you will be able to catch up to a thousand.


Do not read the whole book.


One of the biggest myths that have been held over time about reading is to read all the content of the book. Remember that this is a way to maximize your time; therefore, you will invest your time in stale content if you do that. 


Some books offer you many main ideas so that a good author could summarize a book in fewer pages, but that is not commercial. Although certainly, not all books get a deserved reading analysis because their content is insubstantial. 


You can browse for a few minutes to find the main idea, using the table of contents as a guide. To understand the book's structure, make a note of the pages you want to read so you can give it the necessary revisions and revisions it deserves so you can never forget the book. 


Create time limits for yourself


It is always good to create spaces for everything, and reading is not left behind. That is why by setting your schedule and creating reading limits, you will be able to read a lot, taking into account that if you take a time of four hours without any distraction, you will be able to read between 200 to 300 pages depending on your reading quality.


Fundamentally consider what you want to get from a book, because substantially it will serve you is discipline, because if you plan to read a book in a short time under concentration you will achieve it, or you can spend a month reading the same book and not keep your attention on it.


Indeed, knowledge is power, but in your reading limit, you must read, taking advantage of the time and not researching things that you did not understand at the moment, since this way you will take longer; highlighter! Always have it at hand, a matter of marking what is not clear to you and then reviewing and understanding it more profoundly. 


Read mainly the easy books.


This exercise will help you build more confidence. You will certainly not generate good reading speed if you start practicing with an academic text of more than a thousand pages. 


For example, start with shorter texts, comprising between 100 and 150 pages. The point is that it should be more digestible to your understanding and speed for you. We recommend reading more than two per week so that you can gradually increase your capacity and achieve your goal over time.


Choose only the best books.


As we have told you on several occasions, maximizing your time will be your main idea, so you should choose the best books and not waste any time, so it is good to make sure that it is worth it. 


You will have many options certainly, but according to many criteria you will see how to identify yourself with a good book, among them is the example of the qualification. What do I mean by this? Seeing if this one catches you or not, you qualify it from one to 10, and if you know that it does not meet a suitable qualification, you discard it.


The librarian Harriet Klausner, considered one of the fastest readers because of her fascination to save time in reading, said, "if a book does not interest me when I get to page 50, I leave it", this is not complicated and to reach the goal you should have an accumulation of books for the week. You will need more than seven, but we recommend you have between 10 and 20 to regulate between those read and discarded.


The practice


Practice is perhaps the most difficult in any professional and living area. Since we say we will do something, we do not do it most of the time. We forget it or procrastinate everything to get to the same thing, to do nothing, and at this point, you will realize that reading is no exception. 


That is why I always recommend that you must create an ideal environment before doing an activity such as reading. The terrace you have in oblivion will do well a remodeling to make it your perfect place for reading.


If you do not have a terrace where you can read in peace, do not worry. You can do it anywhere else. The important thing is that you create the habit, but always remember that it is quiet without distractions. 


Punctually we tell you to stay away from all distractions and anything else that disturbs you when reading, turn off the cell phone, disconnect the TV, remember to take into account the best peace, and that nothing bothers you.  


Read books


It is not redundant, because you should read books, that is, that set of sheets of paper that you have to forget. Reading on the internet is much less efficient. Reading a traditional book helps us to concentrate much better. 


If we resort to an ebook, you should avoid having a network connection and disable any hyperlink at all costs.


Goodbye to the central focus


Given the practice with which you must train your peripheral vision so that in this way you can increase your reading speed by more than 300 percent. 


To do this, you must use a pen as a practice, and perhaps now you are wondering what good will that do me because you will use the pen to go tracking and marking a constant speed of one line per second.


Before you start reading, try to pay attention to the first and last word of each line, and as you read, increase the speed a little, without exceeding one second per line. In this way, you will advance little by little in speed reading.


At this point, you will see that you already have many methods to put into practice. Remember that this is not something you will get from one day to another; indeed, you must go little by little. You will see the most appropriate and successful way for you.


After breaking a little the paradigm and scheme that we have been carrying, we show you to finish another very efficient option for you, such as pages that help you read as many books as possible. Perhaps you are wondering how? It is straightforward because you are not cheating at all. 


These are pages of book summaries that give you all the main ideas, and in this way, you can easily find out if you are interested in that book. 


These summaries are very substantial since they contain at least 3000 words, which gives you an idea of what the book is about without reading the whole thing. It would help if you kept in mind that reading these summaries is not reading the book because they give you the most syntactic idea of the book, but they do not reflect all the content or expressions. 


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