Elder Scrolls Online started its New Life Festival to end 2021. ZeniMax director Matt Firor focused on the direction of Elder Scrolls Online in 2021 and the changes in 2022. Secondly, for some novice players, the best way to quickly increase their strength is to buy ESO Gold.

This year is a successful year for Elder Scrolls Online. Quarterly content updates and exciting storylines have brought everyone back to Oblivion. But 2021 is still a difficult year, which led the team to make some changes for 2022, including the addition of in-game tasks, so that players can have more ways to obtain Elder Scrolls Online Gold.

The content planning for the next year will pay less attention to the danger of the end of the world, but to refocus on the conflicts at the root of Elder Scrolls, such as political Intrigue and ESO Gold. They will also highlight one of the playable games that have not yet been fully in-depth. This disclosure will not happen until next month, but the quarterly content is still planned.

However, before we reach 2022, the New Life Festival will start on December 16th next week and will last until January 4th. Players will be able to get free missions from the Crown store in the game, and accept daily missions such as recipes, collectibles and gift boxes. For the complete event guide, see the announcement on The Elder Scrolls Online.