Electronic Arts has acknowledged that Madden 22 coins there's an issue. There is an apparent fix that is in development, however there's currently no timeline on when the solution will be issued. EA community manager Blueberry responded to a post on EA's official bug-reporting forum that said EA's development staff is currently working on the issue. 

With the numerous reports that this bug goes back at least to Madden NFL 21, it's difficult to believe that it has taken this long for the bug to be fixed. At the very minimum, it seems like EA pays attention. There's no indication of whether players will receive their saved games back or if they'll have start from scratch.

There's, unfortunately, no method to prevent this Madden NFL 22 Franchise issue from happening, since nobody is aware of what the cause is. The bug has been reported across multiple platforms, with reports appearing on EA's official forums from gamers of PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Madden NFL 22 players must be aware that their saves may be corrupted when they play in Franchise mode. It's not a lot of people know about it, but it's feasible.

EA Blueberry says that the development team for Madden NFL 22 is planning to deliver an Title Update for that game on November. The fix isn't confirmed for this update, but it's a possibility. We'll have news about November's update to be. The latest Madden 22 patch has eliminated an ex-president who was in disrepute, Former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden from the game.

Gruden was in the news and quit as head coaching staff of the Raiders last month when emails came out revealing racist remarks and Christmas Crazy Giveaway on MMOEXP inappropriate language spoken by the 58-year-old. The messages are from conversations he'd had between 2011-18.