Zidane Lamar Iqbal (in Arabic: زيدان عمار إقبال), birthed April 27, 2003, in Manchester, is an Anglo-Iraqi footballer that progresses as midfielder in Manchester United.

In Stephanie, the Team of DFB-Coach Guido strokes with 3: 1 (0: 0) against the United Arab Emirates.

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In half past one we have done ourselves, after the break it was, despite the further adverse conditions and the residue, better, said string beer on the association side: Games like today one only wins if a positive momentum in the Group is when you are ready to accept such a blow-up exchange. Therefore, I want to make the team a big compliment as she is crocked the game.

But in turn: Ali Marry had launched the United Arab Emirates after 64 minutes. Subsequently, the DFB offspring urged the compensation — and even turned the game within six minutes. HSV Talent Tom Anne scored the compensation (71.), Augsburg's Aaron tenth marked the 2: 1. The Niklas Kickoff also substituted for the break by Holstein Kiel set the 3: 1 final point (85.) just before the end.

These are valuable experiences that can take the guys from such duels.

Guido stringier

The DFB offspring finished the tournament in Israel with six points from three games. At the beginning, the string beer eleven had lost 1: 3 against Russia. Then the German team increased and rejected the Israeli host at the 5-0 in the barriers.

Can only help the boys in the future

These are valuable experiences that can take the guys from such duels, emphasized stringier: We do not play too often against teams like the UAE. Since there are also unexpected things — then to stay with himself, is important and can be important and can be the guys Only in the future help. That's why you do such trips, so we play with the winter tournament.

For the German U 18, the year 2021 ends, from 20 to 30 March 2022 the next course is on the program. On the 24th and 27th of March are two challenging duels with France.

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