From consulting to handling minor and major problems, the role of a professional engineer is diverse. Graduates from engineering backgrounds choose the civil engineering job and work for various construction segments including bridges, hospitals, govt. and private buildings, dams, etc. To precisely understand what civil engineers’ job roles and responsibilities are, have a look at the compiled list below:


Consultation is the condition that arises when one needs an opinion about a technical engineering problem from an expert civil engineering consultant. The duration of consultation may be brief or may require travel to the site.


Investigation of Problem

The construction consultant should know the issues over the field in which he or she is involved. He/she also may require visiting the site and inspect the structure and the equipment used over the construction site. Consultants also need to review the reports and investigations prepared by clients, management, and engineers.


Survey reports

These reports play an important role in determining the results of survey and engineering studies performed over the site. These reports are also necessary in order to confirm the engineering solution adopted to confirm the economy of the structure. The points considered in this report are the requirements of the project, estimated construction cost, alternate solution, and conclusions.


Preparing BOQ

The consultants are required to prepare the bill of quantities (BOQ). The design drawings are helpful in the preparation of BOQ. Further, the BOQ’s are helpful in estimation and item availability.


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