Author website versus book website?

Do you want to know if it is better to have an author's website , or book's? Do you think one is better than the other? This is the question I receive from my email subscribers frequently My email subscribers are intelligent people. The majority of authors don't consider this.

You could have an author's website, book website or even no site even. Whatever you're using now is fine. But let me show you why having an author's website is the best choice of all.

Let me first say that in the past , I have used book websites. They have worked well. But over time I have discovered that author websites are the best choice. Here's why.

Number one, I have published several books on this subject. There are now multiple websites for a variety of books was difficult to keep up. It was too much. But having an author web site lets me direct all of my marketing to one central location. From my author page, I can release any number of books I want to. It's also easy for users to browse through all my books that I've written on one page. Everything is connected. I have a platform.

Second, having several websites means that you have to manage different domain names and domains as well as multiple site updates and multiple email lists. My workload is increased by a factor of how many websites to manage. But I don't like managing multiple websites , and I'm betting you don't either. These days, I try to keep things as simple and as simple as I am able to. And I find that keeping it simple helps me succeed more.

Having an author website allows you to make your marketing easier.

One thing that is common among writers is to be concerned about readers discovering that you've written on a variety of topics. There is a way to make it seem impossible that you could write fiction as well as be the author of a non-fiction book about gardening. What do your readers think of you? They're highly forgiving. They are interested in a wide range of things just like you .

However, if the subjects you write about are so different that you can't even bring them together under one author website you can always create an additional website under a different pen name.

There are a number of reasons why an author website makes sense. Let's talk about why websites for books can pose an issue.

First, let me reiterate to you that if your have an existing book website, you don't necessarily need to get it taken off the internet. it off the internet. Keep it. However, if you're reading it today and you have another book in the pipeline look into a website for your author.

So, back to why book websites can be an issue. I've already mentioned that when you write multiple books having book websites can be quite the undertaking. But there's another important reason why book website can cause you problems. If you decide to ever publish an ebook out and you decide to change the title that the author has chosen, you're out of luck. If you've built the entire marketing around your book's website, you've locked yourself to the title, the subtitle, and the cover of your book.

On an author's website, the books are images that are displayed in the pages. You can change them when you want. You are able to make revisions. The title of your book could change and it won't be a disaster for your marketing.

Of course, I'm assuming that you will not change your name any time soon.

Now let's look at why an author website is better than the time-saving and hassle-free I described in the previous paragraph. The most important thing is branding. Through a site for authors it is a way to brand yourself. This is a change from marketing and promoting your book. But if you're planning to write more than one book and you are planning to create money as an author your time in marketing is better spent building your brand, not your books brand.

This article is about the difference between an author website and a book's site It is important to think about the implications of this for your social media presence. It is logical to be able to have your social media profile be based on the author, rather than book based.


If you're considering building an author website or book site, you might want to simplify your marketing strategies by starting to an author's website. A website for authors can be used to promote multiple books and builds your brand as an author.

Jim Shirley is the author of several published books and Jim Shirley is currently working with others to become self published authors.