Players find Unhallowed Grave Dungeon in the Greymoor section of the Elder Scrolls Online Harrowstorm DLC. The dungeon has five bosses, some ESO Gold as rewards and many small enemies. In the story, Unhallowed Grave Dungeon is an ancient tomb, where tomb robbers are infested, they are looking for dark secrets and forbidden power.

As the first of five boss battles, players will face Hakgrym the Howler. His most significant action is a heavy blow. He charges his weapon for a few seconds in The Elder Scrolls Online, and then if the attack is not stopped, it will cause a lot of damage. Players also need to be aware that Hakgrym may summon a Woeful Totem. If the Totem is not destroyed in time, it will start launching spheres, causing significant damage to the player. Once the boss' health is halved, the second phase of the battle will Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold, because he will become Werewolf Behemoth.

After defeating Hakgrym, the player will face the second boss, Keeper of the Kiln. The most challenging part of this battle is the boss's move. She created a red shield around her and the player needs to work hard to get around it. The Elder Scrolls Online party tank should stay on the ground while the other members use the three grappling hooks on the right, middle and left side of the platform. It should be noted that players will be gifted ESO Gold after completing this task.

As players progress through the story of Elder Scrolls Online, they will face the fourth boss of Unhallowed Grave Dungeon, Ondagore the Mad. Players should beware of this Boss using poison attacks. If the player touches ESO Gold, it will kill the player immediately, and the poison will cover the Boss, so he will not be harmed. Therefore, the player must first rush to the periphery, kill the small enemies that appear, and then grab back to the center of the field to cause damage to the boss. Once all the ghosts are dead, the boss will move the poison back to the outer edge of the arena.