Group Ironman Mode is a variant of Ironman Mode. This mode allows 2 to 5 players to form a team, but only newly created accounts can enable Group Ironman mode. Existing accounts, including those accounts that are already triathlete accounts, cannot join the group.

Players who joined before the formation of the group have prestige status, which allows them to be free from trading restrictions. How to teleport to a team member's house will work. Worrying about the player's remote access to your house and potential functions, Iron players can trade other untradeable Runescape Gold among their group members. Proposals to resolve some of these issues and requests will receive community votes.

In the next update, the fifth general, Nex, will appear in the next major content update on January 5th and the next iteration of God Wars Dungeon. Make changes in an iterative process, which used to mean that team members had to take two days off each month to try to come up with new features to be added or changes to be made.

However, this will now take place in a week-long game, three times a year, with no other interruptions that week. This means that there were no updates in those few weeks, but I hope that the team members will have undisturbed time to focus on making more improvements and adding new features.

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