What are the Different Kinds of Hot Tubs Available?


Hot tubs are small pools used to soak, relax, massage and for hydrotherapy. There are two basic form factors: the wooden-staved soaking tub and the one-piece plastic tub, often called a spa. There are, however, many different variations on these two basic form factors. Spas, which are usually heated electrically, are the more popular form factor currently. Popular spas, such as those made by Jacuzzi tubs, include roto-molded tubs, acrylic tubs, lounge seat models and portable hot tubs with vinyl liners.


How Does Location Matter?


Hot tubs are available as indoor and outdoor tubs. Most spas can be installed outdoors regardless of climate. In colder climates, it is beneficial to have the tub a close distance to the home. Electricity is also a consideration. A nearby outlet is most beneficial. It is possible to run electrical cable, but that can increase the cost of the installation considerably. It is also necessary to have a flat surface. It is possible to flatten the ground directly or to build a deck that the tub will sit on.


Does the Installation Site Require Preparation?


As mentioned in the location section, an installation site may require preparation. Hot tubs have a lot of weight, so indoors, it is important that they be installed in an area that is structurally sound. Outdoors, although a deck is preferable, it is possible to build them directly on the ground if the surface is flat enough. If the surface is not flat enough, it requires flattening or a deck built atop it.


How Does Seating Capacity Matter?


When it comes to choosing Hot tub manufacturer, the most important decision a homeowner can make is selecting the right seating capacity. Basic home tub units can seat about two people. Basic cedar hot tubs can sit about four people, but the tub can seem a little crowded with four. If the tub is used mostly by a couple with guests sometimes, then a basic tub is adequate. If you have more people in the home or plan to have guests more regularly, then you might be better off upgrading to a six-seat tub or larger.


How Strong are the Warranties?


Consider that a warranty is a statement about the manufacturer's confidence in its product. The best warranties in the industry start at 10 years and are no fault and coast to coast. No fault means that the warranty will cover damages regardless of who is at fault, within reason. Coast to coast means that the manufacturer will send a repairer or an installer to your home without cost, regardless of your location.


How Do I Get the Best Price?


The best prices are available by comparison-shopping online. Many people opt to purchase through a local installer since it seems easier. However, if you purchase a hot tub online, either the retailer or the manufacturer can coordinate you with a local installer. In fact, they can ship the product to the installer and have the installer deliver it when they come to install the tub.

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