Over the years, Elder Scrolls Online has accumulated a warm, friendly and huge community in its numerous content updates, DLC and basic game adventures. In addition, Elder Scrolls Online will frequently add new patches and new dungeons throughout the year. A special resource that is currently very important to players seems to be Poultry. Players hope to obtain a large amount of Elder Scrolls Online Gold to meet their various needs in the experience.

Poultry itself is called Provisioning Material, and players most often use it for recipes and cooking. It is one of the resources that can be obtained from the beginning of the game. It can be obtained by killing chickens and a series of other methods.

Players can use Poultry to make a large number of dishes in the game, and each dish will bring significant benefits to their characters. It is worth noting that gourmet dishes will allow the player's character to get most of the benefits from cooking, including the accumulation of ESO Gold. This is very useful for dungeon operations. If players need extra cash, they can also sell resources to various vendors in the game in exchange for ESO Gold.

Poultry can be obtained from different places. Some common places to find Poultry are crates, chickens, apple baskets, and Bantam Guar. One place that is said to be particularly suitable for poultry and chicken breeding is Voljar's Meadery in Windhelm, where a large number of chickens can be seen laying eggs around hay in an area nearby.