While Singapore enjoys consistently warm days throughout the year, travel to other exotic destinations must be planned with care to avoid either excessive heat in the summer, or cold, damp rain and snow in the winter. The ideal season to be in Dubai is during the winter months for desert safari dubai, which run from November to March. This is when the days are bright and dry and the temperatures are pleasant at 24- 30C (75-87F).

The time is now to plan your next trip to this beautiful destination, where markets transform into souks, castles are citadels sailing boats are in dhows and the earl gray is traded in exchange for mint tea. Dubai provides all the comforts of a modern-day city: high-end hotels, fantastic shopping and air-conditioned transportation yet , just beyond the city's borders lies the endless desert.

Dubai is located on the southern coast on the southern coast of Persian Gulf. This is the largest of the seven emirates that comprise the United Arab Emirates, known for its oil reserves, tourism, real estate, and financial services. Although it is a highly population city, it's secure, friendly and crime-free.

A visit to Dubai is anything you'd like it because attractions and sites are many and diverse. Eco-tourism enthusiasts will enjoy the tidal wetlands which provide habitat to more than 400 species of birds including flocks of pink flamingoes, herons and ducks as well as other shorebirds. If you are interested in extreme sports, take on the thrilling thrills of Dune driving jet boating, parasailing or sand skiing. Sand driving courses are available in 4-wheel drive vehicles before drivers experience for themselves the roller-coaster adventures that the dunes offer. The difficulty of keeping vehicles moving along the soft, shifting terrain is not simple. Those with a taste for speed will enjoy skiing through the dunes that are high where the 'fast sand' feels like glass. Other sports can also be accommodated for such as golf and other golf!

Anyone who wants to experience more of the desert can go to Hatta or book one of the many Wadi tours. Hatta is a little bit of everything - an hour-long excursion on four-wheel drive across the desert sand dunes as well as Hajar Mountains, to the fortress town of Hatta. Explore the village of 200 years and the old fortress before exploring Wadi Hatta with its abundant greenery and wildlife. It is a stark contrast in the arid landscape of desert. The canyon region has pools of rock where you can take a dip and find small waterfalls inside the gorge.

Dubai also caters to different tastes in culture. See the way tradition-based Dhows are still made at the yard for building Dhows or visit the amazing Jumeirah Mosque, the dominant symbol of the city. This impressive example of modern Islamic architecture offers tours to non-Muslims to give an insight in the Islamic faith and also taking a tour of this amazing building. Sheikh Saeed House served as the residence for the Sheik from 1912-1958 and is open to visitors. Explore the history of Dubai through the rare photos, documents and paintings. The design and architecture of the home also make this a fascinating place to explore, as does Dubai Museum. Dubai Museum located in the close by Al Fahidid Fort.

One final recommendation are those who attend the Camel Races, which will be a highlight of any trip to Dubai. The races are intense and thrilling. As the camels race off with the help of their jockeys and trainers, trainers join the race on their four-wheel drives that plow through the dirt within the tracks. The race for trainers is as intense as the race of the camels! The energy and excitement of the race is infectious. The races have a village-fair setting, with vendors selling local products to race goers. If you're contemplating a winter vacation right now think about a trip mysterious Arabia and all it has to offer.