Over the years, Elder Scrolls Online has accumulated a warm, friendly and huge community in its many content updates, DLC and basic game adventures. One area that players often mention about the Elder Scrolls series is becoming a werewolf or a vampire, and this is no exception in MMO. This guide will tell players how to become a werewolf in Elder Scrolls Online and the benefits it brings.

In order to become a werewolf in Elder Scrolls Online, players must either look for Werewolf in the world or prepare to be turned into Werewolf by another player who will change their character. First, although the method of hunting Werewolf is long, the player will definitely get some ESO Gold as a reward. They are classified as rare monsters, and players need to be hit by rare Werewolf spawned in specific locations around the world.

Once the player is hit, they are likely to suffer from sanies lupinus, which will turn the player into a Werewolf. Players need to hunt at midnight during the full moon and in the 37-44 level area of each faction in the game. After getting the disease, go to the nearby Wayshrine to start the quest Hircine’s Gift. After completion, players will get the Werewolf skill line. They will soon get Elder Scrolls Online Gold and become a mature Werewolf.

Becoming a bloodmoon will bring many benefits to the player’s gaming experience. bloodmoon has an excellent ultimate ability that allows players to cause a lot of ESO Gold in a short time. In addition, players will feast on enemies to extend their last abilities, allowing them to stay in bloodmoon form for a longer time. In addition, this ability can be used for the day along with all other abilities in the skill set.