What is OSRS Hosidius?

In OSRS, Hosidius is located in the city of Great Kourend, and its main export products are cooking, agriculture and agriculture. Their mission is to provide food for the residents of Great Kourend, including the Shayzien army. Most citizens worship Saradomin, but a few are regarded as outcasts because of their worship of Zamorak.

Hosidius is a place where crops are grown and food is provided. Therefore, it is also an important location in Old School Runescape. On our way to Hosidius, prepare your OSRS GP and any items you may need.

How to get to OSRS Hosidius?

We can easily find the specific location of OSRS Hosidius on the map. If you have obtained enough Runescape Gold to own your own house, then you can use the player-owned house portal. On RPGStash, some OSRS products for sale may also come in handy.

You can buy Xeric's amulet and use it for Xeric's woodland teleportation. You can also choose to use the Book of the Dead or Kharedst's memoirs to reach the nearby lunch through the lancalliums teleportation point, but you need to complete the desperate deep mission first.

To reach the Kourend Castle Teleport, head east from Kingston, then head south until you reach the coast. Tithe Farm mini game teleportation is another option, but you need to be 100% favored by Hosidius and try to visit the mini-game area beforehand.

If you find yourself near the Forthos Ruins, head southeast. Here you will find a spiritual tree patch, where you can naturally plant a spiritual tree. This is another thing that requires Hosidius support, although in this case you only need 35%.

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