In Elder Scrolls Online, chapters, DLC and other ESO extensions are intertwined in a grand narrative, extending from Vvardenfell to Summerset Isles and everywhere else. Although the game encourages players to go wherever they want, completing everything in chronological order is necessary for understanding the connection between DLCs and unlocking special interactions with NPCs in the future.

Dark Brotherhood DLC, Thieves Guild DLC and Craglorn Adventure Zone are all expansion packs with completely independent storylines. The daily missions of Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild will keep players away from the Gold Coast and Hew's Bane, and players will Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold as rewards after completing the missions. But in most cases, the important narrative details of these DLCs are completely separated from the rest of the game.

Craglorn Adventure Zone is a group-oriented area with its own independent storyline. Planemeld Arc is a story included in the basic version of Elder Scrolls Online. It is generally used as the main task of the MMO, with a large amount of ESO Gold as a reward. Since all other DLCs and chapters quote Planemeld Arc and its conclusions, it is best to accept the power of Molag Bal first.

Included in the Planemeld Arc are the Main ESO Gold, each of the three Faction's zone quests, the Mages and Fighter's Guild quests, and the Undaunted quests. Complete your chosen faction's Zone Quests, the Mage's and Fighter's Guild quests. When the player succeeds in the challenge, they can go to the new place.