Old School Runescape (OSRS) has been fully updated, and the return of Nex: The Fifth General brings more surprises to players. This update will allow a team of up to 80 players to join forces to defeat Nex and get some very valuable rewards.

The NPCs of each faction in the player's fortress drop frozen keys, and the player can get four pieces. In Old School RuneScape, players must complete a small task "The Frozen Door" to open the frozen door. They need to complete the desert treasure and kill each of the god war generals or their bodyguards.

In order to better participate in this event, you need sufficient Runescape Gold to enhance your character skills. The key is also one-time use, and you can enter the ancient prison permanently without carrying and/or repairing the key.

In RuneScape, wearing ancient ritual robes can skip the kill count to reach the Nex room; however, due to the universal key in the old school, the robe does not have the ability to skip the kill count, although it provides statistics on the monk robes, not Pure decoration.

In this update, the boss battle mechanism has undergone some modifications and balance adjustments to adapt to Old School RuneScape, although the battle is still roughly similar to the situation in 2011. Completing the missions will give you more generous rewards such as OSRS Gold and other items, among which Bandosian Components and damaged and repaired Torva parts are all tradable.

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