North Town Residency
Karachi may also go as the title of”the “City of Lights” and is considered the largest urban area within Pakistan. It is home to an estimated 23 million residents. Karachi is a thriving city. It has numerous housing societies and very well constructed housing areas. North Town Residency Karachi is one of these well-constructed, well-managed communities.

North Town Residency Karachi is an initiative of G.F.S. Developers and builders. The Society was established in 2015 and has the potential to be completely built. This Society is situated within North Karachi Sector 5A/ near the 4k chowrangi. The Society consisted of approximately 100 to 120 square yards of plots. North Town Residency is an SBCA approved housing society. It is possible to buy an investment plot or completely built houses to be used for residential purposes. The Society is a popular choice for investors because of its affordable cost.

North Town Residency provides a wide range of amenities for residents and investors. The massive gates are among the more beautiful things anyone could look upon when they enter the entrance. Another major element that is part of Society is its well-managed, secure security systems. There are security buildings, security guards and security buildings all over the Society. In addition to the security, Society has multiple facilities, e.g. shopping malls general supermarkets, parks running tracks for exercise, and mosques that hold daily prayers , as well as other facilities that are vital to living a healthy and healthy life.

North Town Residency Project Owners

The people behind the North Town Residency Karachi are Global Financial Solutions (G.F.S. ) Builders Developers. G.F.S. is among the most well-known real estate development companies. It is known for its ability to complete high-quality infrastructure projects within time and within budget.

G.F.S. has experienced steady growth throughout the years and is with over 200 employees who are working on various projects in the present. G.F.S. has extensive experience in preconstruction planning and project management skills. G.F.S. The team of project managers is amazed by the challenges of their projects and have distinct personalities. They provide a full array of construction management and related services.

G.F.S with its long-standing track record and commitment to excellence, it provides superior management and commitment to every project, from large complex projects to smaller ones and continues to grow its name and its reputation. G.F.S. creators and developers have put in their energy, time and commitment to the development of humanity.