The Elder Scrolls Online will launch a new year-round story in 2022, Bethesda Softworks said, this will bring players a never-before-seen world, stories, and cultures in the huge world of The Elder Scrolls. The most important thing is the wonderful storyline, which makes it easier for players to earn ESO Gold For Sale.

In this exciting new adventure, where might players go? I'm afraid it won't be revealed yet. Now, we have a trailer. There are three ships, each of which represents one of the three factions of TESO. There are some ESO Gold on Reddit that the new expansion will feature Bretons, a human race of elven blood known for being proficient in magic and alchemy. I think this is a good choice.

There are many other ocean provinces in The Elder Scrolls Online, not to mention the entire Summerset Isles, which is the ancestral home of Altmer. However, what is more illustrative is the armor worn by the observer seen near the end of the clip, which may require the player to spend some ESO Gold to get it. I thought this was a fairly traditional set of Imperial duds, but after careful observation, I noticed a strange symbol printed on the lower back plate of the breastplate.

On the unofficial Elder Scrolls page, we can see that an almost identical symbol can be found on the Breton style heavy armor in TESO, which is not on the comparable armor of any other major races in the game. The latest story of The Elder Scrolls Online will be announced on Twitch on January 27th at 12 pm Pacific time.