During the Radio Mog Station broadcast, Final Fantasy XIV director and producer Naoki Yoshida stated that information about future updates that will eventually lead to Patch 7.0 will be announced in late February 2022. In addition, he mentioned that Thancred and Krile will become important figures in future story updates.

Naoki Yoshida also pointed out that before the 7.0 patch, Final Fantasy XIV will have several major updates. In other words, the developers have been trying to bring the best content and graphics to the players in order to Buy FFXIV Gil and feel of the game. Including the way players get FFXIV Gil in Final Fantasy XIV will also be greatly increased.

The Radio Mog Station also introduced some developer details about the main NPCs that appeared in the Endwalker extension. The broadcast lasts about four and a half hours, and it shows the screenshots submitted by players during the intermission of each segment. It can be viewed immediately via the archived YouTube broadcast. However, it is currently only available in Japanese, and there is no English subtitle option.

In early January 2021, Square Enix launched the Final Fantasy XIV 6.05 update. This patch includes new Savage raids. In addition, players can get new armor through buy FFXIV Gil, which includes Tomestone gear.