In the City, players can work to 2K22 MT enhance their crib and, eventually, get enough MVP points to gain access to the penthouse. There are additional rewards that come with achieving the goal and a myriad of methods to earn the points needed to unlock the penthouse apartment.

Since the City is limited to next-gen consoles. The penthouse can only be removed from versions of the PS5 as well as Xbox Series X versions. To unlock the penthouse, players must complete tasks that award MVP points. 1,000,000 MVP points is needed to complete this challenge. MVP challenge. City challenge.

Each completed quest rewards players with points. However, the number of MVP points earned will vary for each activity. Players can keep track of their progress by visiting the quest menu and then checking the City MVP section. Earning MVP points in NBA 2K22 is fairly simple. Everything players do such as advancing in the MyCareer mode to strolling through the runway, will give them points.

Certain tasks, however, offer an increased reward in points than others. For example, completing the NBA Career Points: 5 (under City MVP quests) will earn players 100,000 points, while completing your Personal Brand Free Spirit 9 mission will earn 55,000 points. Other tasks, for instance, the Music Scene: Marvin's Room side quest , or choosing between College and G-League are worth less numbers of points (1,000 each).

For NBA 2K22, the crib is the central point for court, quests and networking. The penthouse apartment is an open floorplan with pool tables, windows that allow you to see the City and a variety of furniture that is expensive. Along with the penthouse, there are two additional benefits for achieving the title of MVP of the City. The players will also be awarded 10,000 VC and will also receive the zipline. The zipline can be used to Cheap NBA 2K22 MT Coins move quickly from the penthouse and across the City.