Dubai is an incredibly lively city, brimming with amazing modern facilities and amazing tourist attractions at every turn. This city is all about making the impossible possible - be it man made islands, world's most luxurious hotels or an ice resort amid an arid plain!

Tourists who take flights to desert safari dubai deals are swayed away by the cool touch of azure water in the beach, the incredible beauty of a stunning sunset, and the grandeur of architectural marvels. Dubai is an absolute paradise for foreign and national holiday makers with all its tourist-friendly attractions. But what makes cheap flights to Dubai such a prized possession among keen vacationers are the welcoming and warm hospitality that the city of gold is most well-known for.

Popular Attractions in Dubai

Dubai attractions carry the right mixture of natural beauty and man-made delights to satisfy the most knowledgeable of tourists and encourage holidaymakers to dig out information on cheap flight tickets to Dubai.

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum provides a wonderful and interesting tour of the city's fascinating heritage and delightful cultural. Housed inside Dubai Museum, which is located inside the Al Faheidi Fort, Dubai Museum showcases an impressive selection of cultural and military artefacts which speak to the city's glorious past. The visitors who visit this magnificent museum can view various stunning and ancient artefacts, including music instruments, khanjars as well as clay artifacts.

Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque is one of Dubai's most beautiful landmarks and, amazingly, remains a very well-photographed landmark throughout the region! Jumeirah Mosque is one of the few mosques in Dubai which are accessible to non-Muslims. It is also the largest and most gorgeous one that makes it more attractive to tourists from abroad looking to experience a classic example of stunning Islamic architecture!

Wild Wadi Water Park

Dubai's most remarkable water park, Wild Wadi Water Park is a funand family location that gives tourists an escape from the heat in the city. Regarded by many as the most captivating of all tourist attractions in the city, Wild Wadi Water Park promises an entire afternoon of fun in the water for guests on holiday! The place features rides ranging from thrilling water slides powered by high-powered engines to more subtle attractions suitable for young children.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East and offers a breathtaking snow scene to guests who can enjoy skiing, snowboarding as well as other snow activities. From young to old, and from the novice to the ski expert - Ski Dubai offers something for anyone! It's truly an enjoyable experience to go skiing in the middle of the desert, and Ski Dubai offers you just the experience!

Popular Activities in Dubai

Apart from marvellous attractions, travellers to Dubai are able to enjoy a wide range of exciting and fulfilling activities. Take a look at some of the most exciting activities available throughout the city.


For those who are tourists, shopping on Dubai holidays is like breathing in a jar - you is unable to live without it! Dubai is known throughout the world for offering the best and most inexpensive shopping experience. Since it is tax-free and offering a wide range of choices, Dubai shopping is one reason why booking cheap flights to Dubai is one of the biggest priorities of vacationers.

Desert Safari

Desert Safari is a fantastic chance for tourists to explore the stunning sand dunes of Dubai. Desert Safari is a great way to experience Dubai's stunning sand dunes. Desert Safari can be amalgamated with other exciting activitieslike barbeque rides, camel rides, or belly dancing to experience the most amazing day in the desert!