Yes, you can earn money on Airbnb, even without owning a property. Airbnb is known for its cheap alternatives to lodging and accommodation. However, they are more than that.


As almost everything is transitioning online, fields like real estate have also opened more opportunities for people to earn "Airbnb passive income". Airbnb can also be a source of passive income. Who would have thought that a house-sharing app could be so popular? It is so famous that it has become a disruptor of short-term accommodations today.


Airbnb has changed the game – not only on real estate but also in money-making. We hope this guide will show you how to make money on Airbnb, even without owning a property.


Now that we established that Airbnb Arbitrage is legal, there are other ways to make money. Again, you don’t need to own a property to earn in Airbnb. There are even far more creative ways for you to earn without becoming a host.


1. Airbnb Arbitrage


As discussed before, this rent-for-rent strategy is one of the most effective and commercial ways to earn in Airbnb. Find Properties that you think would do well and sign a long term lease for it.


After listing it, you can profit off in every booking made. Sometimes, it pays more than enough for your actual rent of the property.



2. Manage properties


In connection with Airbnb arbitrage, becoming a listing manager is also an excellent way to earn money. In one way or another, some property owners may have considered listing their properties in Airbnb. 


They could be skeptical at first, especially those who have never heard of Airbnb before. This is where you could pipe in and offer your services of becoming their middleman. This includes the whole package from checking the amenities, taking photos, and listing it on Airbnb’s website.


Listing a property in Airbnb is free after you’ve signed up. In each reservation, a 3% Airbnb host service fee is charged to help cover the operations.


There are several ways to make your listing more popular, and you can quickly learn them online. Having basic skills like photography is also a plus.


Once you successfully post your listing online, your tasks would mainly revolve around replying to guest messages and helping them check-in. You also need to turn the property over after every booking and regularly check its amenities.


3. Rent furnished properties


This strategy is similar to Airbnb arbitrage. These properties can be houses, apartments, and even hotel rooms. For hotel rooms, you just have to coordinate with the owners (usually local hotels) to get started. 


This is an advantage for you because most of these properties already have their own amenities. You don’t need a significant capital here to get started.


4. Be an Airbnb House-Sitter


Another opportunity is house sitting. This strategy works best for your family or friends who have properties that can be used for Airbnb accommodation. Discuss the pros and cons of Airbnb and encourage them to list their vacant rooms, basement, or their whole house while they are away. The owners can work out a commission for you, depending on how many bookings the property can acquire.


5. Co-host an established Airbnb property


Similar to being a property manager, co-hosting an Airbnb property can also be profitable. The job entails responsibilities identical to being a concierge or consultant.


To be a co-host, approach the host of the property via Airbnb or their other contact details and arrange a meeting.


Once both parties agree to the terms, the original host will send you an invitation to share their listing. Accept it, and you can have access to their calendar and other information. Of course, make sure that you have background experience in hosting a property. This will help you seamlessly get into the job.


The payout on this method can be lower compared to the previous ways, but it could still give you the extra cash. After all, you could always mix and match other methods to have additional streams of income.


6. Be an Airbnb Affiliate


Affiliates are people who advertise a product or service owned by someone else. Simply put, they are brand advocates. They endorse the items on their own platforms and share their experiences with others. This is one of the indirect strategies to get paid in Airbnb. You can have several perks from being an affiliate too.


To vouch for a product, you need to test it. Some property owners may invite you to their listing and offer you a discount. But you can always opt to approach them first. However, the catch is, you should have enough reach and audience first to become an affiliate. Affiliate marketing works if the people who testified for something are famous and/or credible. If you are already an established personality, you can go to this route.


Earn money by getting a commission on every booking the property receives after your recommendation. In some cases, you can have your discount code people could use if they want to stay in the property.


7. Subscribe to the Airbnb Referral Program


One of the easiest ways to earn, the Airbnb referral program allows you to earn rewards when you refer someone. Upon signing up, you can generate your unique referral link that you can share with others.


A $55 credit is given to the person who signed up in Airbnb and booked a house using your code for the first time. After they completed their booking, you will receive a $25 credit that you can use for your future bookings.


Although it can’t be converted to cash, this is still a good deal that you can use every now and then. It is also more user-friendly than affiliate marketing because anyone who has an account can do it.


8. Create an Airbnb Experience


Following their vision of providing local experiences, Airbnb is also welcoming an opportunity to become “experience hosts.” Some of their most popular activities in Airbnb Experience are:


  • A guided walking tour around the city
  • Cooking class with local chefs
  • Art class on pottery and traditional art
  • A hiking trip in the mountains
  • Camping adventure in the forest


They also recently launched a category for Airbnb Animals, where they promote animal tourism. They follow the World Animal Protection guidelines, which ensure that the activities here are safe and ethical. If you have a farm or animal café, this could also be an additional source of income for you.


Almost any activity can be accredited on their website. The procedures are also similar in listing a property, so you should be familiar with it. Airbnb Experiences are verified for their quality, and their employees review them before publishing it online.


This personal approach is what makes Airbnb one of the leading companies today. You have probably heard of the phrase, “Eat like a local, Live like a local.” It is one of the common tips seasoned travelers would always recommend. Airbnb makes that happen.


Aside from getting acquainted with local hosts, renters could also get to see and experience the community in the place they are staying in.


What Is the Telephone Number for Airbnb Customer Service?


The customer service number Airbnb is (585) 743-9778. If you need to contact Airbnb, you can use the Airbnb number, send an email, or message on Twitter.


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