Prior to getting a shoe that was a trademark, you had the Nike Air Bo Turf, in 1990, you starred in the Nike Air Trainer 3, which was Mut 22 coins later referred to as your shoe. What memories do you have regarding the Air Trainer 3?

Let me explain it this way. In 1969 as I was in the first grade in my home in rural Alabama In the winter it was in temperatures in the 30's. And I was required to attend school without shoes. There were no shoes. This isn't for the sake of sympathy or to make a story. But I remember my brother standing a block away from his house. I'm at the front door. Our sister was a short distance from him,, and my other sister was at the bus stop. When my sister at the bus stop saw the bus crest the hill just a few miles away from her, she'd shout on my second sister, who would then yell at my brother, and then my brother would yell to me. Then I'd walk out the door barefoot. By the time my brother arrived at my first sister I'd probably caught him by the time he reached me. By the time we got to the bus stop I'm 15or 20 feet in front of my sister and brother. From attending school in barefoot in the winter of '69 to growing up and having sneakers that were inspired by my own ... My life was blessed.

After 30 odd years, people are still bragging about the shoe and even collect the shoe. Just a few weeks ago one of my best friends my own, Anthony Anderson, the comedian, texted me, "Hey, Bo! I'm going to do a show with all my sneakers. I'm having trouble finding the Air trainers you have. I'd like to have a pair your shoes it just occurred that I owned a pair sitting at my desk. I thought to myself, 'Hey! I've found an item here. I can just send these to you. It's those moments like these that I can sit back and go, 'Wow.'

For this NFL season, New York Giants running back Nike star Saquon Barkley received his very own replica of Air Trainer 3. What was it like to observe him pay homage you by wearing the sneakers?

I presented him with the shoes. It was like I was saying"Grasshopper! It's your time to carry this torch. And you have to carry it well. I'm sure Saquon will do a great job of it. Saquon is a good kid. He reminds me a large amount of me. He is strong and has his head on straight. That's the thing that amazes me the most. His personality isn't his stats. I love how he carries himself.

It will be Bo Jackson. However, when you look back on some of the NFL running backs that have pursued you, which of them bring you back to your own?

I can imagine two names -Two - Saquon as well as Derrick Henry -- on the brute strength, power and knowing how to navigate around the field and defense. They do not necessarily have the speed that buy Madden nfl 22 coins I had. But they have succeeded in making it work for them. They're extremely effective in their work. They're also seen as being among the best running backs in the game currently.