Sparta sports such as Boxing have always been prominent worldwide, a sport that over the years has been seen as aggressive and only for men, but this has jumped to another level in the last decade, from lonely garages to media. light, abandoned places at home, with beaten punching ball sandbags.

Today this has changed for fun sessions in the fitness world for both women and men. Innovating this sports category has been very attractive, saying goodbye to rusty and styleless rings, now in the Gym, at home, in training spaces MMA Pads Set, boxing has become a common practice trend, training will help you strengthen, tone and sculpting with visible results in record time.

The course we must have the necessary implements to give free rein to this practice, implementing punching ball bags, boxing pears with support or double anchorage, shields and curved training lights, gloves boxing, jump ropes, abdominal wheel, rigid or semi elastic martial arts bandages, among others. If you want to know all these articles you can visit our Spartawarrior website.

We cannot fail to mention that the% of women and men who have combined their regular training with hours of practice in the ring has grown.

Not everyone trains to be professionals in this sport, they only do it to complement their daily exercises, and achieve the desired body. To achieve good results we can see tips, videos and suggestions made by our high-ranking professional boxers such as Sparta tranners.

A boxer sponsored by the sparta brand, who has participated in competition tournaments, representing our Country, Being the promise of Chilean boxing, he won the super middleweight title, so today he is the best national exponent in this discipline, performing his routines daily to stay in shape, in order to continue advancing in his career and achieve all the necessary categories, On his instagram page you can see his routines and see what area of ​​his body he works with each practice he performs in his daily exercises.