The summary is the most understated section of an article. Many of you may use an online summary generator to get this section done easily. Whether you use a tool or you write it on your own, it is important to include the summary in an article. Every year, tons of students lose valuable marks because they didn’t include an article summary in their papers. So, let’s first understand what an article summary is, its importance and the basic structure of a summary.

What is an article summary?

An article summary is a short, precise online paper editor about one scholarly article. You need to critically read the article first and then summarize it. In argumentative articles, the summary explains, identifies and analyses the thesis along with supporting arguments. Similarly, in empirical articles, the summary explains, identifies and analyses the research methods, questions, findings and implications of the study help.

What is the importance of article summaries?

Article summaries are usually short. These indicate your reading and writing skills. It also helps you develop the essential skills required in critical reading, clear, organized writing and summarizing. You have to read the scholarly article closely to write the summary with the utmost precision, thereby enhancing your knowledge in a specific field.

What’s the basic structure of a summary?

A summary is usually written in paragraph form and doesn’t include subheadings. There should be an introduction at the beginning of the summary. The introduction clearly identifies the article, the topic, research findings and the purpose of the article. The body paragraphs explain how the arguments and evidence support the thesis statement in the scholarly article.

In an empirical article summary, the body paragraphs explain the research methods and findings, thereby making connections to predictions. The concluding paragraph explains the significance of the implications of the findings or the argument.

At times, professors may instruct you to add citations in Harvard style and organize the summary in a certain format. If you aren’t confident about the citations, you can use a Harvard referencing generator to get those done efficiently.

Wrapping Up,

Article summaries are shorter than scholarly articles. You need to write this section in your own words and using the most significant information or examples from the article. You don’t have to explain all the points made by the author. Just get hold of the most significant details.