The development team temporarily halted sales after Final Fantasy XIV's huge success because they couldn't scale the servers fast enough to meet player demand. But now that things have stabilized, sales can start again, and the development team has big plans to expand the server.

Producer and director Square Enix has announced that digital sales of Final Fantasy XIV will resume on January 25. He explained that the game time and login frequency of current players are steadily returning to normal levels, and players can Buy FF14 Gil in the game normally. They hope to welcome newcomers to the new Oceana data center, which will also open on the 25th. Square Enix said they may consider suspending digital sales again if the servers continue to experience extreme congestion.

The company had planned to have yonks expand its servers to meet demand, but ran into a common problem: a global hardware shortage. They're still struggling with this, but Square Enix detailed their plans today. The European servers will first add four new worlds in July, split between the two data centers. Then in the summer of 2023, they plan to open a brand new European data center containing eight new worlds.

Square Enix said they are also considering a larger upgrade to accompany the next expansion. There are also plans to re-launch the Home World Transfer Service on January 26, allowing players around the world to reshuffle to the new server. On the other hand, players who want to Buy FFXIV Gil can choose IGGM.