If you're over 65 Menaphite cheap OSRS GP Thugs will be your next target , and you stick to them up to a nineteen. The best place to find them in Pollniveach but since they are on the upper end of the scale, you won't be needing any waterskins. Additionally, if you are in a state of depletion of health points you can sell food at the NPC nearby.This method is very profitable as a way to earn money as well as a leveling method, making it best until 91.

Even though this method requires a lower level than 91, it's not the best strategy prior to that gap. At level 91 players unlock final rooms in Pyramid Plunder which makes this method more profitable than blackjacking . Blackjacking gives you more enjoyment per hour.

To use this method, you must have To complete the quest of Icthlarin's Little Helper quest to be started, which will open Sophanem Location. Contact! quest is a great supplement to this technique as it allows you to access the closest bank. The golden chests in the pyramids, you can gain the Pharaoh Scepter, which makes this method an excellent gold maker. This method should be used between 91-99. If you're struggling to figure the problem out, we suggest you look at Youtube video content guides for the topic.

If you're looking for runescape 2007 gold something unique which doesn't require much of an effort as prior to Ardy Knights might be the best option for you. While they may not provide the same high rates of return as blackjacking they are still decent as regards experience and profit. Because there's only one location that the knight may be stopped from moving, this method should be performed in world 378. It's an non-official Ardougne Knight Thieving World.