Students are usually asked by their instructors to write different types of essays. The purpose of these essay assignments Is to prepare the students and help them develop effective writing skills. Every different type of essay, such as an argumentative essay, persuasive essay, rhetorical essay, expository essay, reflection essay, etc. is written for a particular purpose. This purpose in addition to the way these different types of essays are written makes them unique and different from one another. 

Narrative essays are based on a central point or the main idea. Writing narrative essays Is not that difficult. Still, there are some students and even beginner writers who faced issues in writing effective narrative essays. These issues range from selecting an appropriate topic for the narrative essay to effectively conveying the viewpoint to the readers. These different issues make most of the students request others to get their essays done. For instance, I recently heard a college student telling his friend “Please write my essay for me otherwise I'll get a failing grade”. Apart from that students also prefer using different online essay writing service where professional writers write essays for them. However, students need to know that writing narrative essays is not that difficult and all these issues can be overcome by practicing writing skills.



Bargaining is possible in traditional shopping while there is no chance for the people to bargain the material with the shopkeepers in the online shopping system. The majority of the people like to negotiate with the shopkeeper and bargain with the material they are buying. This feature however is lacking in the online system as the customer has to buy the material at the price that is mentioned by the brand. Apart from that, bargaining in traditional shopping provides satisfaction to the customers. This is one of the reasons some people prefer traditional shopping over online shopping. 

Various advantages and disadvantages are associated with both online and traditional shopping systems. These advantages and disadvantages in addition to the needs and preferences of the people help them identify which particular shopping system is good for them. 


Things to be considered before and during the write-up of narrative essays. These things involve the structure of the narrative essay, the organization of the narrative essay, the way a writer conveys his points to the audience, the use of appropriate language and words, the use of convincing and interactive sentences, a detailed outline for the narrative essay, an amazing as well as an attractive topic for the narrative essay, the collection of ideas for the narrative essay and also the way a narrative essay will be written. All the above-mentioned points equally contribute to writing an effective narrative essay that attracts the audience’s attention. Apart from that, it should be made sure that the narrative essay is written consistently. 

The topic of narrative essays is very important for writing effective essays. Professional writers such as the ones offering different services like an essay writer online often suggest students select a topic for the narrative essay that interests you as well as their audience. This will help students develop more ideas to write in the essay and also will help them convince their audience more easily if they choose a topic that interests their audience. Therefore, great emphasis should be placed by the writer in deciding the topic for the narrative essay. 

40+ amazing topics for writing effective narrative essays

Mentioned below are 40+ amazing topics for writing effective and attention-seeking narrative essays:

  1. My favorite vacation with my friends.
  2. My all-time companion is my first emotional support animal.
  3. A tough time when I made friends in an unusual manner.
  4. The unforgettable nightmare.
  5. A story of the way I was treated unfairly.
  6. The most enjoyable vacation of my life.
  7. Life without my emotional support animal.
  8. A life lesson that will never be forgotten.
  9. An unexpected help or assistance from a stranger.
  10. An unfortunate event in my life.
  11. The life-changing story of my life.
  12. My life with my first pet.
  13. Story of my life when I lost the purpose of living.
  14. My first experience of driving a car.
  15. A night spent well with my friends.
  16. The unforgettable life events.
  17. The story of my success and hard work.
  18. Life without a purpose.
  19. A story of the way I was treated unwelcomed.
  20. The success story of my life.
  21. My first day in my office.
  22. Our first visit to our new home.
  23. The value of relationships in my life.
  24. The very first time I ended a relationship on my own.
  25. My first but beautiful experience with an unknown person.
  26. The impact of the media on our society.
  27. Cultural traditions in my society.
  28. How my culture defines a person with a unique identity.
  29. The way I dealt with discrimination in my workplace.
  30. The different ways I used to deal with cyberbullying.
  31. A car accident made me lose the purpose of my life.
  32. My life after I was humiliated.
  33. How I made the tough decision of my life.
  34. The life-changing decisions of my parents.
  35. A person who changed me completely.
  36. A positive change in my life by my emotional support animal.
  37. A time I failed my most important exam.
  38. My first experience working with a lady boss.
  39. The story of how I saved a girl from sexual violence.
  40. The story of my surgical experience.
  41. My very first night in the detention center.

Mentioned above are 40+ amazing topics for the narrative essays that will grab the attention of the audience at the very first glance. According to a professional essay writer, always choose topics that are interesting and interactive. The reason behind this is that whatever we write is for the readers or the audience. Therefore it is very necessary to keep in mind the audience or readers before deciding what to write in the essay. This shows that a writer or even a student should first consider the nature of his audience as well as what interests him. After this, he should consider different topics for writing narrative essays. Above mentioned topics can help grab the attention of the audience. However, the writers or students can also think of other topics or can integrate the topics mentioned above to prepare a unique topic for the narrative essay. 


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