The Elder Scrolls Online hosts special events each year to honor past DLCs, and Daedric War Celebration is one of those festivals, which honors the Morrowind Chapter, the Clockwork City DLC, and the Summerset with unique ESO Gold, event themes, and special worlds Chapter, and encourages players to revisit modifiers for those locations.

Daedric War is a two-year Elder Scrolls Online storyline that begins with 2017's Morrowind Chapter and culminates in the Summerset Chapter, with the Clockwork City DLC in between. The 2022 Daedric War Celebration takes place from January 20 to February 1, 2022, and players can earn Elder Scrolls Online Gold for participating in this event.

All Elder Scrolls Online holiday event tickets are used to purchase Impresario-specific rewards, and are usually found outside the gates of major cities. Daedric War Celebration Event tickets can be obtained in two ways: by completing the Morrowind and the Clockwork City daily quests, and by completing the Summerset daily quests.

Unfortunately, it's impossible for players to get both from just one area, so be prepared to do intro quests for each DLC if you haven't already. Since the event lasts for 13 days, players can get a total of 26 event tickets. Players will have various troubles while challenging missions, so they can Buy ESO Gold at IGGM. Event tickets are used to purchase special rewards from managers who provide select items for each in-game holiday. For Daedric War Celebration, Impresario offers a variety of new items, including new pets and the chance to start crafting rare skins.