I've come over to you, Sal's, for advice regarding Dungeoneering. Yes, it is me that needs help this time. I've been wondering what runescape buy gold is the threshold to pray over monsters. Meaning, at what level for each kind of monster can I apply a protection prayer and offensive prayer? By type, I mean shades, warriors rangers, magers zombies, skeletons, bats, rats, demons, pickaxes, brutes, etc.

In other words, if a monster is at or near level 2. You shouldn't be praying for it, and for most rangers that are wearing higher than tier 7 , you need to pray. Mages maybe, melee warriors get hit so hard after they have katagon, so yes, pickaxes do hit like the hell. So, yes the brutes... aren't that great.

This isn't directly related to Dungeoneering however it is related to it. Is 1.2M enough money to take me from 50 RC to 70 RC or do I require additional funds? Making nature runes is an profit(iirc) and, therefore, this is sufficient. If I use an SSH, do I take off the hood every time that I enter a hood-dangerous room? You shouldn't take it off since it will still shield you from the hood-safe monsters, always pile the mage.

What are the weaknesses of monsters when it comes to Dungeoneering? Please be as detailed as you can. Deadly zombies - crush, skeletons with slash marks, melee warriors wearing a plate crush, melee soldiers with chains stabbing, rangers/magers strike.

I'm not sure what armor would be best to my specific needs. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance. Because you have summoning Ill presume that you're a member. What you are doing how are you preparing your strength? I'll bet you're using Slayer as it gives great exp, if thats the case then try and buy a Black Mask/Slayer Helmet or a Bandos Chestplate/Fighter Torso as well as Bandos Tassets. If you're not able afford the tassets, then get a regular plateleg.

For boots , pick up some Dragon Boots, gloves try for Barrows Glvoes or if you cant get them a combat bracelet. The amulet has two chocolates as well as a fury when you have money to buy it or a glory if you're short on cash. There are numerous options, so get the best you can. If you're training for strength the one thing to have is a dragon-defender - this is the most important thing you need!

You can sell it back in order to pay for a level goal , like 85 herblore? No. If he's not got funds, there's nothing to sell back. Do you have the potential to make more money from the time it takes to acquire it? Yes. - There's no way you'd be able to make enough cash to buy BCP in the time required to build an torso.

In conclusion: Torso is not worth purchasing. Period. Should you not have cash , it's a good alternative. The only drawback I can see with slayers is the minor fee for prayer. The loss of defence bonus minimal. Can you prove it? The median money maker is around 1m per hour. A novice player rs gp for sale will need players about that long to master BA and at that point, you'd have the money to purchase BCP.