Parking lots and entrances to businesses look much better with asphalt sealer applied. The sight of freshly applied asphalt sealant on an establishment's parking lot gives it the appearance of being clean and well-kept. Sealcoating, however, does more than that! Parking lot surfaces are protected from erosion by asphalt seal coating.

Pavement made of asphalt is pliable and forgiving compared to concrete. While it often takes years for tractor tires and other heavy vehicles to fully heal, minor scarring occasionally occurs during the first few years from sharp turns. There is no risk to the structural integrity of the pavement from these dents, but what you should look for are any cracks in the surface. An asphalt crack could be a sign of a problem.

Cracks in Asphalt & Water

You need to inspect your parking lots more closely if you observe cracks in the asphalt. Water that seeps into cracks damages the asphalt. As water runs over asphalt, it erodes the smaller pieces away, resulting in the asphalt breaking down. Foundation erosion is the result of this erosion. Water penetrated cracks will turn into potholes, resulting in costly repairs.

Defending the first layer

The surface of a new asphalt parking lot should be sealed with commercial grade asphalt sealer after it has cured, which will take about 90 days. Reapplying another coat of asphalt sealer two years after sealing is a good rule of thumb. Depending on environmental factors, such as weather, traffic, and traffic amount, this timeframe can vary slightly. In general, seal coating is recommended whenever the asphalt surface fades.

As its name implies, sealing does exactly what it is supposed to do. The sealant is used to seal the parking lot's surface. Your pavement will roll off once sealed rather than soak into the substructure.

A Parking Lot's Asphalt Deserves the Best Care

Asphalt sealers will dry quickly in Florida because of the hot weather. Additives that speed drying can be used in some regions. Within twelve hours, traffic patterns usually return to normal.

For commercial property, installing asphalt can be a significant investment. Asphalt sealer protects such an investment logically and financially.