SWOT analysis is nothing but a tool that helps you analyse a business based on numerous grounds. For example, suppose performs pestle analysis of Coca Cola the outcomes will allow them to find out the Strength(S), Weaknesses(W), upcoming Opportunities(O), and the relevant Threats(T) of the company. The concerned authorities can set their goals and prepare a structure to progress their upcoming works.

Business management and marketing students are often required to do a SWOT analysis for different companies. This is because SWOT analysis in case study writing help it become more informative. 

This blog will help you understand the7 steps to perform a SWOT analysis. Elsewise you can always guide good quality yet cheap essay writing services.

  1. Finalise your objective – The outcomes of a SWOT analysis can help you find and finalise a lot about your company. But before starting the analysis, decide what you want to use the outcomes for. This will give your analysis a particular angle, due to which you will get more specific results.
  2. Research your market and industry –Do proper research on the industry and market of your particular company. For example, if you are conducting Coca Cola SWOT analysis, you must have sound knowledge of the soft drinks industry and the market of Coca-cola in your country. For this, you will need to do extensive research.
  3. Find the relevant strengths of your company – At the very beginning of your analysis, find and list the strengths. This can be financial or related to the employees or the market and location. 
  4. Find the relevant weaknesses – After noting the strengths, next go for the weaknesses. A company cannot have all good and no bad. Finding out the weaknesses is equally vital. This gives an idea about the areas that need an emphasis on the upcoming days.
  5. Find the upcoming opportunities – Next, go on and list down the various options that might help your company grow. Some opportunities can be beneficial on one ground and a threat on the other. Think, observe and analyse all of them to list the best ones.
  6. Find the potential threats - List all those elements that could be a danger or cause an issue for your business. It could be incorporated rising joblessness, expanding competition, etc.
  7. Formulate a strategy– After you have the different lists of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, formulate a plan to address those issues. The strategy formed will help the company achieve its goals.

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