With Legacy of the Sith less than a month out, Star Wars: The Old Republic PTS is still running to test out the expansion's many overhauled systems, stories, and new features. The team reminds everyone that testing new content and helping the team reach the finish line will Buy SWTOR Credits.

When players log in to the PTS, they can earn a certain amount of SWTOR Credits by completing multiple tasks. Just by logging into the PTS, players can earn a new title, Lead the Charge, and completing any course's course story, players can earn a different title, First Line of Defense. It's worth noting that neither game has been available since the PTS before the game's original launch more than 10 years ago.

Completing the available expanded story content also earns players a new title, The Cutting Edge. With the game having a year-long anniversary, complete with return items, these bonus titles certainly fit. Given that this is not only a huge expansion, but an overall major update to 7.0 of the entire game, players will need to do their best to challenge more missions.

Players will earn additional titles as well as Kai Zykken's MK-85 log mount by reaching item level 322 with one of their characters and completing PVP, Hero and Flashpoint weekly quests. All rewards will be credited when the expansion is released on February 15th. Players still have time to step in and test these features and provide feedback to developers on any upcoming changes. And until then, players can try to buy SWTOR Credits at https://www.iggm.com/