Fun color lesson
Objectives of preparing the fun color lesson:
To know the names of the colors

The student must indicate the types of commercial colors and their packaging.

That the student knows the method of blowing

In order for the student to become familiar with the folding method.

The student develops his own taste for color.

To make the student aware of the benefits and advantages of colors

The general objectives of educational art education:

Recognize the aesthetic and artistic values ​​of environmental components and handicrafts, and work to develop them using innovative ideas that fit the capabilities of students.

Knowledge of environmental materials and their relationship to application methods within the plastic arts and work to rationalize their consumption.

Develop students' artistic taste for aesthetic values ​​and teach them accurate opinions.

Develop the emotional side and nostalgia through artwork that enhances the well-being of the senses and adaptation to the environment.

Training the senses for unlimited use and thus the pursuit of innovation and creativity.

Work for work is to gain the advantage of recognizing the value of work.

Enable students to see, distinguish and learn.

Providing students with a different culture by getting to know the international fine values.

Identifying and nurturing the technically gifted.

Participation in the beautification of the environment and society.

Training students to shape with different materials and specializing in environmental materials to connect the student with his environment and his country.

Spend free time making different artworks.


Primary school tasks:

Commitment to the truth of the Islamic faith in the spirit of the student and his interest in an integrated Islamic education: in his character, body, mind, language and belonging to the state of Islam.

Teaching the student to establish prayer, etiquette, and virtue.

Develop various basic skills, especially language, numerical and motor skills.

Provide him with the exact amount of data on various topics.

Introduce the student to the grace of God upon himself, in his social and geographical environment, so that he can make better use of the blessings and benefit himself and the people around him.

Enhancing the fine taste of the student and practicing innovative activities, thus developing an appreciation for his manual work.

Developing his awareness of belief in his duties and rights within his age and the characteristics of the stage he is going through, and instilling love for his country and loyalty to his guardians.

تحضير التفكير الناقد ثالث متوسط الفصل الثالث

Develop his desire to spread useful knowledge and good deeds, and teach him how to use his spare time.